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What is the best brand of canned pineapple?

I like the fresh stuff, but it goes bad too quickly on me, and my wife doesn't care for it so much. Has anyone found a brand of canned pineapple that tastes good?


Well, I am going to try a couple brands out tomorrow, as I just ran out of my "fresh" pineapple today. The last time I had canned pineapple, though, I remember I didn't like it so much. Too salty and stale tasting. Had it back when I was a kid (in the 80's) and it set me off pineapple ever since. Pity, though. I really like the taste of this fresh one that I cut. (That and I read somewhere that pineapple actually improves your body's natural smell.... Well, we'll see, I suppose.) Thanks for your answers so far. I got Dole and the Wholefoods 365 brand. The 365 brand has less ingredients, but nothing in the Dole looks unnatural.

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    They all taste the same (even storebrand) - just get water or light juice packed. I drain it and then rinse in cold water. It tastes almost as good as fresh:)

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    Pineapple Brand

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    Dole brand, in natural juices, tastes as close to fresh as any I've ever tasted.

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    I think of all them tastes the same!

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