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Are there any Sci-Fi series in the works?

I was wondering if there are any Sci-Fi series in the works in the same genre as the Star Trek, Star Gate, Battlestar Galactica series in the works?

I like the independent series. Most of network stuff is garbage.

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    The channel formerly known as Sci-Fi (see if you haven't heard the latest scuttlebutt) has two series planned. "Caprica" will be a prequel to BSG, set in the era of Bill Adama's grandparents. It's described as "Dynasty in space". Not the most exciting description but you never know. More on it is available at . They also have the new Stargate series, "Stargate Universe", which is being referred to by many as "Stargate 90210" since the cast will be predominantly 20-somethings. You can read more on it at There's also loose talk of a new Trek series, depending upon how well the movie does. As long as they keep Rick Berman and Brannon Braga away from it it could be good.

    It sounds like none of the major networks have anything planned, although we'll know more this spring as they start announcing plans for the fall.

    At the moment things are looking bleak for serialized dramas and sci-fi, especially with the loss of the Sci Fi Channel. But these things do go in cycles, so eventually the wheel will turn back.

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    There is a spin off from both Star Gate and Galactica in the works on Sci-Fi channel. I haven't heard much about the Star Gate spin, it has to do with a team being stranded far from earth on board an Ancient ship designed for exploration. The Galactica spin is supposed to concern the first cylon war. Both sound like they will be beating dead horses and ruining to great concepts.

    The Stargate series went downhill the final few seasons, suspension of disbelief became nearly impossible and the plotlines were recycled over and over.

    As for Galactica, I'm so anxious that I'm about to squirm out of my skin waiting for the finale tonight. Designing a series with the end already in mind is the final touch that made it so perfect, so a spinoff could potentially ruin something amazing.

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