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xoxoxoxoxox asked in SportsHockey · 1 decade ago

I'm heartbroken that I didn't make the lacrosse team?

Im a sophomore in high school & i didnt make the lacrosse team. I wanted to play so bad it is the one sport i would be able to play. i put my heart into those tryouts. I prayed and prayed id make the team. I loved those four days of lacrosse. and now i cant play anymore. i dont want to try out for any other team. just my schools. How can I heal my pain?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    high school sports are just a bunch of politics. I tryed out for the baseball team when i was in 11th grade and was the last one cut. The next day i found out that the last player they took was a kid who didnt tryout because he had rib injury and wasnt given a fair tryout.

    Your still young though and have a lot of time to improve. Being a sophmore trying to make a varsity team is not easy to do unless your team is not that good. I suggest to go up and ask the coach him/her what they liked and what you need to improve on.

    If your city has a summer league, i suggest joining cause im sure the players on lacrosse team for your high school will be playing too and that way you know what is needed to be done for next years tryouts.

    if your hearts in the game you wont leave the game

    ex: Michael Jordan was cut from the basketball team in high school but never gave up and now look what he accomplished

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  • 4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I'm in the middle of tryouts now and I've known the coach since I was 6 through family and stuff like that she actually taught me how to swim, but she a tough coach. there's roughly 40 girls trying out and there are 32 jerseys however she only taking 26 girls. I know right now I'm not as good as anybody there but I can learn and have a good attitude.? so all in all I don't think I'm going to make it:(

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  • 1 decade ago

    same problem i had with a sport. I didn't make the team, so i hated the sport and abandoned it.

    Later on when it didn't matter much, me and my friends were just playing for the heck of it and i found out that i play much better when im not that concerned about the outcome.

    If you were 'praying' then you probably feared failure. You were just so afraid of not doing well on the field that that same feeling kept you from succeeding.

    Next time you play, play for the love of the game and not for winning/ losing. That will acutally keep you calm with a cool head and you'll eventually perform better

    Source(s): my un-sexy experience
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  • Siggy
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Sometimes these are the moments that shape who you become. It sounds cheesy, but it is true. I can look back at some major disappointments and say those forced me to become something better.

    For example, my father kicked me out of my house when I was 17. Yet it forced me to get serious about my responsibilities, like school work. I ended up excelling, going off to college, travelling the world, and now I have my Masters and a good job teaching. Thanks dad!

    Hang in there. Remember- the lesson (from this experience) is under your nose.

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  • I honestly don't know what tosay to this. Maybe instead of playing for the school team you can go for a recreational team somewhere around your area.

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