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Any Fans Of 'The Fall' Out There?

What are your favourite albums/singles?

Favourite Album: 'Live At The Witch Trials'

Favourite Single:'Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul'


Hey 'Shred', 'Grotesque ( After The Gramme) is my second favourite album!

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    Mark E. Smith is a genius. Although, to actually go through their backcatalogue is near impossible cause it is that f*cking huge.

    To quote the late John Peel "I wouldn't mind dying tommorow, except for the fact I'd miss out on the new Fall album next year" or words to that effect.

    Fave album: Dragnet

    Single: Mr Pharmacist

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    Eh, yeah I do actually they have been going a LONG TIME. They just keep a going. Grotesque is a good album. I do also like LATWT as well. I also ranked The Smiths albums on your other Q


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