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題目:My Idol[我的偶像]


我的偶像是Take That﹝接招樂團﹞

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                  My Idol

    An idol is somebody who is greatly admired and loved; everybody

    have their idol, so as I. My Idol is Celine Dion, a Canadian pop

    singer, who is also a songwriter and an actress, as well. Dion’s

    music could be easily recognised in any English-speaking country,

    and even several non-English-speaking countries, like Taiwan and

    China, were crazy about her. She is also the singer of the song

    “My Heart Will Go On”, the theme from Titanic. To be honest,

    her version sounds even better than the original one sung by James

    Horner. And her newest song “Where Does My Heart Beat Now”

    has been one of my repeat songs since the day it was established.

    Celine Dion was born in Quebec, Canada which was known as the

    French-speaking Canada. Dion established her first Anglophone

    album Unison, which by the way was not her first step of being

    internationally recognised singer. She emerged as a teen star in

    French-speaking word after several singing contests, such as

    Yamaha World Popular Song Festival. And she eventually became

    the most successful artists in pop music history.

    I have loved Dion since I had memory. I recall that there was one

    time when I was traveling Las Vegas three years ago. I actually got

    the chance to hear Dion’s music in person! She was amazing; her

    voice sounds so much more powerful than the one on CD. At that

    moment, I felt that it was so great to be alive!

    For me, Celine Dion is the most successful singer in the word. Celine

    Dion is my first idol as well as the best idol! How about yours? Do

    you have any idol?

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    還有不好意思我不認識Take That ...

    我真的很喜歡Celine Dion



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    &ldquoWhere Does My Heart Beat Now”


    "Where Does My Heart Beat Now"

    &ldquoMy Heart Will Go On&rdquo


    "My Heart Will Go On

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    it is well known that the "take that" band is the origin of the man's band. it has been dismissed in the year of 1996.but it brings about the influence on the another man's band for good. the band consists of 5 member who are young and full of stylish character. they grab the young girl's heart around the world. from then on, they become the successful legend for other's bands.

      " take that" band owns so many albumns that you can't count up.their albumn becomes the most popular in the taiwan commercial market among the man's band. it releases about 400 thousand albumns. it triggered the crazy situation while they was visiting our country in Jul 1995. the bad boy,roby, who is the last joined left the band at first. once again they was facing the destiny for dismiss.finally the rest of them announced it at the press conference in hilton hotel. it broke all fan's heart. all the merry parts will be kept in our momory for ever.*****


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    People always need something to believe in. Everybody does.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a 10-year-old or a 100-year-old. You dream. You hope. You wish. You fantasize. And you’d never let go the simple thought of enjoying something beautiful everyday. And you cling to that thought as hard as you can.

    That’s what make us human. We survive and live on seizing vanity. We attract to the beautiful and the desirable. We want it so bad that we want to feel, want to touch, want to get close. And do you want to know what is the ultimate reflection of our inner desires. An “idol.”

    That’s why I want to talk about “My idol” today. I hope at the end of this presentation, not only you’d know more about the topic “idol,” you and I both could know more about ourselves.

    My idol is the band “take that”………

    (i give you 148 word as a gift; the rest, you come up by yourself, man)

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