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科技英文 問題

1.The larger the conductor, the more it spreads out. In the case of a very large object, the charge can spread out so much that any chunk of the object has a negligible amount of charge and hence, behaves as if were neutral. Near the surface of the earth, the earth itself is large enough to play such a role. If we bury a good conductor such as a long copper rod or pipe, in the earth, and connect to it another good conductor such as a copper wire, which we might connect to another metal object, such as a cover plate for an electrical socket, above but near the surface of the earth, we can take advantage of the earth’s nature as a huge object made largely of conducting material.




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  • 1 ,大的導體,它的更差了。對於一個非常大的對象,可以分散收取這麼多,任何塊的對象有一個微不足道的金額收取,因此,表現為,如果是中性的。近地球表面,地球本身是大到足以發揮這樣的作用。如果我們埋葬了良好的導體,如長期銅桿或煙斗,在地球,並連接到它的又一個好導體如銅線,我們可能會連接到另一台金屬物件,如蓋板的電器插座,但上述接近地球表面的,我們可以充分利用地球的性質作出了巨大對象主要是導電材料。

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