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You are worried about your son.

He lives in another city ,worried that he doesn't eat healthy.

Write an email to give your son some suggestions for healthy eating.

Tell him what kinds of food he should eat,remind him what foods are bad for him ,and give him any other suggestions to help to eat healthier.



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    Dear son,

    How is it going so far? i am worry about your health son. You shoyl eat more and healthy food. i want you to eat high nutritrient food for example, scramble eggs, sandwitches, peanut butter jelly bread and so on... eating healthy food is very significant to our health. The benefit may affect you alot and have a great impact thoughout your life. Eating healthy may keep you in a good shape, and also gives you energy for our work. I hope you may be better and have a better diet.

    Your love,

    ___________(Dad's name)

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    我人在美國 14歲


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