Electrical Question, How to Install New Wiring to existing Light Switch?

I have a light switch which controls the top half of a receptacle, the bottom half is always hot. I have no light in my living room so I decided to install a j-box in the ceiling and run the wiring to the light switch. Problem, when the light switch is turned on it turns on the top half of the receptacle, when I turn the light switch off it turns on the new wiring. I need the light switch to turn both the receptacle and new wiring at the same time. It seems the light switch is fed from the receptacle by a white and black wire, one on top and one on bottom, there is no neutral or ground? What can I do? Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your switch is "backfeeding" the outlet. In other words power from the outlet is going to the switch and then going back to the outlet when the switch is in the on position. This is a common and code legal practice. The problem however is you do not have a neutral at your switch.

    You have 2 alternatives:

    1. Go into the "switched" outlet and connect the white that goes to your switch to the other neutrals. Connect the black to the other hots. You now have a hot and a neutral at the switch and can now properly operate the ceiling light. The switch will only operate the ceiling light, however, not the receptacle.

    2. Find another source for your light in the attic and then "backfeed" it down to your switch. You will have to install two switches at your switch box. You can purchase a stacked switch (looks like a receptacle except with two switches) or you can replace the box with a 2 gang box.

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    4 years ago

    sure you're in fact mind-blowing. you ought to make certain you hook up with the blacks previously the present swap so the present swap does not turn off your new prolonged cicuit. all the whites (nuetral) and all the grounds (bare) flow jointly. in case you're useing #14 cord, you should be on a 15 amp cicuit. A 20 amp cicuit needs #12 cord. in case you're in united states, of direction you have the criminal staggering to do wiring on your guy or woman domicile.

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