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which brand has longer life span for LCD TV?

ok I'm looking to get a 32" LCD tv here in a couple months. Which brand has a longer life span, Samgsung, or Vizio? and by how much would you say?

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    LCD TV from Those Worldwide International Brand * Sony.Samsung.Panasonic.Sharp.LG.Toshiba.Philips.Hitachi.* is always all of them ( 32 inc to 108 inc ) Use own factory made ( some buy JV ) LCD display panel , only select grad 1 products, Those Local or in-house Brand TV is made by other China manufacturers , and LCD display panel is buy from other too. because of prices , there go for low quality maker, even there may use Samsung-Sony (S-LCD ) or LG made panel , but always go for grad 2 products, or max 40 % of it for each shipment ( one of the main reason, there prices is always very low ) . Brand who made own Display panel.. S-LCD in Korea, joint venture between Samsung-Sony 50/50%. made panel for Samsung and Sony also supply to other .Sharp Japan is the world largest LCD display panel maker for the pass 12 years, for Sharp TV use and supply to other , is hi- quality products, Mose of the Sony hi-end model use Sharp Panel. Panasonic Display made Plasma and LCD panel .Hitachi Display Japan made for own use and supply to other . Panasonic and Toshiba joint venture LCD display in Singapore AFPD , for Toshiba and Panasonic TV also supply to other. LG-Philips joint venture in Korea ,products for LG and Philips,also supply to other. after june 2008 is total own by LG, some of the Philips tv use other maker panel after July 2008. Taiwan AU-Otron and Che-Mei Electronics ( JV with Japan Funai for LCD panel ) is also main display panel maker, there supply more to China or Taiwa TV manufactures , because of prices is much lowe than other.but not so high Quality products ,// Just for you information , Vizio is a USA local brand ,( small quantity sold in Taiwan under Viszo brand , other than USA/Taiwan Vizio do not enter ) Vizio is design by Taiwan Zealway Micro Electronice , TV is made in China , as Zealway dont made any LCD display, is but from other. i should said 32 inc Samsung is worth for paid more.

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    which brand has longer life span for LCD TV?

    ok I'm looking to get a 32" LCD tv here in a couple months. Which brand has a longer life span, Samgsung, or Vizio? and by how much would you say?

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    Samsung will potentially give you better parts. But Samsung has different qualities of its TVs. So if you're buying one its flagship lines then you should get the maximum reliability from that. From the other lines, they should be fine, but might not built with exactly all the same top tier parts.

    Vizio is considered a strong up and coming manufacturer though. I don't think you'd be specifically bad going with that option. They are certainly offering decent picture quality for the budget (actually a lot better than the prices would often have you expect).

    The life span though will depend on more than just the TV. It also depends on how you treat it. So which one is better suited to the way you're going to treat the TV? That's a tough call. I'd probably call it a near draw though. I think hours on the boards/bulbs, I'd guess 30,000-40,000 range on both. So you're looking at 10-15 years at 8 hours a day 365 days a year.

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    Lcd Lifespan

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    It would be impossible to say -- brands and models do not have any kind of longevity stats. Anyone even answering this question would be doing so solely on opinion.

    Samsung and Vizio are both solid brands -- it would be best if you did background research on what customers are saying about the models of LCD HDTVs you're considering.

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    I bought a 55" Vizio LCD in 2014, and the panel went out in 2016. I bought a 40" Samsung LCD in 2005, and it s now the only tv in my house that works.

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    Any TV is capable of breaking at any time, but generally speaking I think you'll find more Vizios out of service than Samsungs.

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    Best choice quality/money is Samsung. Best quality and more money is Sony. Visio cheaps but after one year will have many trouble.

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    Just buy extended warranty. I would buy a sony. I dont recomend samsung 1.We bought ours on 06 and is acting up good thing we bought extended warranty. 2.I work for a delivering service. Most of the tvs we deliver are replacing a Samsung TV. As for Vizio Im looking for another tv and ive heard they are good for the $ but life span i can not say

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    Samsung is top brand in market for great picture and quality.

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