Anyone heard of Gainson International Limited, a gold investment company?

According to their website: They are based in Korea and have collaborating with the Laos into gold mining and land development business.

They are collecting funds with a binary MLM structure and have started to receive funds from investors from around the world. Singapore is the latest place that they have started to solicit investment. It was told that a large group of investors and network leaders from the now defuncted Sunhine Empire had joined them and started to signed up more investors.

Anyone know about this group Gainson International Limited?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Even though they have a website with a Korea address stated in it, the structure and the way they portrayed the investment scheme smells of a cat. especially the way it solicit funds and investments through Binary or other MLM payplan methods.

    Their monthly interest payout is closely knitted to payplans from those of defuncted scams like Sunshine Empire, Swisscash, Megaeforex, Buyebarrel, Lucky Index, MobileWallet, Xthreem and existing scams like SMICap, SingCap, eWorldUSA etc.

    My suggestions to check on their domain registration owner and the address of registration with the korean authority. Also check their investment status with the korea Ministry of Trade. If they are a real investment company, they will have a record filed with the Ministry of Trade, korea and Loas. My intuition tells me that they are likely a scam and the same group fo scammers behind those groups behind them.

    Top scammers like Serene Chea and Alex Lew of Swisscash, hyip and money games experts like Jeff Singh, Patrick Pay, Simon Ng, Edward Teo, Albert Aw, Allan Tan and many others are in also. Avoid these group if you can.

  • 1 decade ago

    Many people going to lose more money with this company. They never seems to learn their lessons. Greed always prevailed and scammers always capitalised on people's greed to feed their own greed. Have nothing to do with them!

  • 1 decade ago

    Why you need this company , buy gold coins or bullions yourself.

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