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What Do you Think About Obama Appearing On Jay Leno?

Some say he's trying to reach out to people on a more "popular market" and others say that he is acting like a celebrity and should not be making rounds on talk shows.

What do you think about it? Will you be watching the interview?

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    He did well on Jay Leno, but when ever he shows how articulate, intelligent and well read he really is the GOP vultures fly down for the swoop.

    They can't stand it. I love it!!!!

    Now they'll focus on his tiny slip of the tongue and beat him over the head with it--instead of focusing on anything else that was said.

    Good Job Mr President, just ignore the stone throwers.

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    In that appearance, he made the interview on late night resemble the commentary he'd be making at press conferences with some fun mixed in. It was surely a political move. No doubt about that, but at least he spent it in an atmosphere to make him seem more human.

    Besides, people say he has more important things to do than go on Jay Leno. Seriously now, it was a 20-25 minute interview. I think that's better than going to the Gridiron dinner, an elitist affair, on Saturday that would undoubtedly last for hours.

    No one moaned when the in-office President goes to that and a bunch of other elite dinners multiple times a year. Yet, Obama goes on Jay Leno for less than a half hour and all hell breaks loose.

    Since we're still here, I don't think that the short interview hasn't caused the end of the world.

    Source(s): People need a chill pill. Yes, it was a political move on his part in these times, but it's still better than an elitist dinner.
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    Obama is a wus -- How will we assume Obama to stand as much as terrorists whilst Obama pisses his pants over the seen performing with a communication instruct Host ? the only reason Obama has agreed to bypass on Leno is with the aid of the fact he's conscious it truly is going to be basically one comedian cyber web hosting yet another comedian.

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    I voted for Obama... I didn't know that he was going to be on it, until I saw clips posted this morning. At first, after watching some of the clips, I didn't think it was all that great - on the clips he was talking about trivial things, and i know that he's just a man, but he's also the president....

    then i read the transcripts. I had more confidence in my president after reading those. To all the conservatives out there slamming Obama - it was the money hungry conservative who got us in this mess.... I don't know why you are blaming it on one man who has only been in charge for 60 days. It will take him some time to straighten out the mess that was made. You can't blame him... you can't blame any one person... take responsibility for what you yourself have done and try to make the best of it.

    It makes no sense to blame one person for all this mess.... America is in her teen years... she messed up and she's changing her ways, just like a 15 year old who failed algebra and was caught smoking in the bathroom. it will get better.

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  • Sunnie
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    His popularity among voters over the age of 25 is falling quickly and he's doing what he's good at. He's campaigning again, to try and gain back some support of those who are faultering in their opinion of his actual JOB performance.

    The reality is that he probably needed a break and thought he'd accomplish two things at the same time.

    Problem? Some of us are more concerned with the economic "plan" to be revealed. Leno isn't the author, is he?

    And NO I won't be tuning in.........I'm sure there'll be plenty of clips available to view, I don't need to lose sleep for this attention grab.

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    Did you hear what he said about the "Special Olympics"? He compared his bowling score to the Special Olympics. He better make sure he supports the "Special Olympics" and follows his apologies with financial help for the organization. His comment was uncalled for. He should also give up on bowling because it has caused him nothing but grief.

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    I think he is mainly acting out as a celebrity just because he has always seemed a bit narcissistic/self-absorbed to me. The second cause is that he gets to "look cool" and get some good PR since his first few weeks isn't going too good for him.

  • rrm38
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    I've already watched it and it was worse than I anticipated. He dodged the question about taxing the AIG bonus recipients, hailed Geithner as a genius and repeated his special olympics statement faux pas when he was talking about his bowling skills. But, yes, I believe he's making these town hall and interview appearances in an effort to maintain public support. He's already got congress where he wants them. He just doesn't want the public to get too uppity and spoil his plans. He knows his window for pushing it all through may be limited, as there is a chance for a shift of power in congress in 2010 that would bring it all to a screeching halt. He has to keep campaigning and keep the public support up or his wish list will go bye-bye. If it weren't for the fact that my 401K is dead and they're now printing money by the trillions to further devalue the dollar I would probably have laughed hystarically throughout the interview.

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    Maybe he's setting himself up for a future career in the movies. Just backwards from what Ronald and Arnold did ? The whole thing was very sad and shallow I'm so glad that he dummied it down for us ....UGH

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    I thought Sarah Palin was hot on Saturday Night Live (Just kidding) But I know it didn't bring her popularity up?

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