What's your take on Politico's website?

I've read a little bit from this website on two separate days. It seems it appears to be unbiased in it's coverage of the news. Upon reading further, it had more negative articles on Obama than positive ones. Are they trying to imply he's unfit for presidency by not writing any positive articles concerning important issues. Sure they have a few good things to write about him, though those are very minor points.

What is your opinion? Is Politico mostly left, unbiased and moderate, or mostly right orientated with its articles?

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    1 decade ago
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    Politico seems to tell the political story from a distanced and unbiased view.

    While it may be brutal in it's opinion, it is the bearer of the bad news as often as it is the bearer of good news.

    That Politico is currently critical of BHO, may be because it is more focused on BHO's actions than his personality and charm.

    BHO is the darling of the liberal press that can not see past the smile and the charisma and he may seem to be less sparkling when you read of his actions rather than the sparkle.

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    1 decade ago

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