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Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley?

whats the meaning to that song?

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    It was written by Leonard Cohen; he wrote at least two versions.

    This question gets asked quite a bit; the song one of my favorites.

    Cohen weaves religious/Biblical references throughout his works.

    Here he's merging his own love life with that of King David and Bathsheba. Pure, sacred love being lost by the body's physical needs.

    The best explanation I've found of that song is "One Haunting Ballad Has Been the Soundtrack to Many Lives Recently. But Why?" by Bryan Appleyard, which can be found at:

    More at:

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    Well, Leonard Cohen wrote it and it's typical Leonard Cohen music. It's hard to explain Leonard Cohen songs without someone knowing who he is and what kind of life he's had. It's about sex, but Jeff Buckley makes it sound beautiful while Leonard Cohen makes it sound - like Leonard Cohen. You'll have to check it out to know what I mean. He makes me think of waking up after an all night drinking binge, looking around a crappy apartment that smells and has about 20 ashtrays laying around, overflowing with cigarettes and some overturned on the floor, and there is this nasty smell that is a combination of all kinds of disgusting things and being in dire need of a shower.

    As for Jeff Buckley, who broke my heart, he said that his version was a tribute to "the hallelujah of orgasm".

    Source(s): I really got into Jeff Buckley when the Grace album first came out so I don't remember specifically where I heard or read it. I'm sure that if you read anything about Jeff Buckley, that statement will be there. That's his most famous song and he wasn't around for very long.
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    The pain of a failed love.

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    I thought it was betrayal and dissapointment.

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