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Anyone watching Jay Leno?

Didn't you find it a little strange when Leno started to talk about the power of the federal government being able to come in and tax AIG 90% and he said that it was frightening that they could do that, what if they decided to do that to an ordinary tax payer [Obama looking a little uncomfortable]

Jay: Do you want to take a break? (In the middle of a thought???)

Did he need to consult someone before opening his mouth? What gives...the commercial is on now, so interesting to see his response, but I found it ODD that he would cut to commercial SO quickly....



Ahhhhh the question was not really answered...commercial over and there was no answer

Update 2:

not surprised at all.

Update 3:

Sir Kennedy..stop calling names and TRY really really hard to focus on the question

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    oh definately, there was an obvious awkward silence before leno asked him if he wanted to take a break.

    Pretty bad when he cant answer simple questions on leno, just shows what an empty suit he really is

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    I didn't really catch the show but I can imagine it was mostly about the same old bull , sports, dog statements, a few simple elementary questions, but maybe one hard question, which by your question I presume came on like gangbusters and Mr.Ears didn't have or couldn't think of an answer. It is possible that this question wasn't staged but if it was Leno wanted to make it appear that O baa ma is an idiot, which isn't hard for me to believe. After all a 125 IQ isn't that high, just slightly above normal.

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    Mr. Robinson rocks..."Who could dat beee?"

    I'm bummed I missed the interview -- didn't even DVR it. I'm sure it'll be all over the news tomorrow -- youtube in a few.

    I'm surprised Leno put a hot coal poker up his a$$ -- probably made him pucker up pretty good...hopefully it has an impact on viewers waiting for the answer and never getting it. People who are still defending Obama knowing that his economic policies and extreme taxation will hurt the very people he vowed to protect (lower/middle class) are either posturing b/c they know they made a mistake or outright ignorant to what's transpiring. It's discouraging...they'll be the ones most hurt by his policies and they're cheering the Administration on like the high school pep squad.

    www. cbo. gov

    "Figures never lie, but liars always figure"

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    Haven`t watched since the strike, but normally I do. I love Jay`s "headlines" and "jaywalking" I will never forget one episode of jaywalking where he asked a school teacher what Betsy Ross was noted for, she did not know the answer. Is history no longer a required elementary subject.

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    It is 100% fully staged before hand. Obama knows what is going on before Jay asks because it was staged. It's a farce. I can say the same thing but Obama can't deliver all these "Great Ideas"

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    No, the celeb-cult-like worship of the man is getting annoying. People getting so enamored by him, gag. It looks like even he is starting to believe his poo doesn't stink.

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    I didn't watch - all I heard was that he made a poor choice of a joke about the special olympics.

    He's lucky he isn't a Republican. If he was it would be front page of the NYT - "Bush hates special needs children: the country appauled"

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    Sounds like it. But isn't it taxpayers that pretty much are keeping the banks a float? So aren't we kind of like stock holders? don't we have as much right as stock holders to say what they can get paid or not?

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    I just tuned in because of what you wrote...Wow, leno is doing pretty well! Obama didn't bring his teleprompter, that's why he sounds a little slow.

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    No sorry, I was out in the backyard trying to hide what little money I have left from the Democrats.

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