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what cities do you drive through from washington to alaska?

i am going to be driving from washington state to alaska in may and i want to know all the cities i will be driving through so i can check out what there is to see along the way!

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    Seattle or Spokane depending on where you start.

    Then Cache Creek, Prince George, Dawson Creek and (a stretch to call them cities:) Fort Nelson and Watson Lake. All in British Columbia.

    Then in the Yukon Territory there is Whitehorse. And Dawson City if you get off the main route and take the "Top of the World Highway"

    Tok in Alaska is more of a town than a city. Fairbanks is definitely a city. As is Anchorage.

    So I'd disagree with another poster that there aren't any cities along the way. Prince George, Whitehorse, Fairbanks and Anchorage are all cities by any definition. Malls, college(s), services, International airports, etc.

    I'd also disagree that Whitehorse is terrible. I wouldn't choose to live there, but I've enjoyed the attractions each time I pass through (8 tiems now). The steamboat down on the river, the Beringa museum, the stores, restaurants, and services, the fish ladder on the river, etc.

    If you're considering the trip, you HAVE to get The Milepost for about $28. It is the size of a phonebook with mile-by-mile descriptions of all the northern highways, services, views, fishing, camping, parks, etc. It describes each city, town, village, and road junction. There is a very helpful trip planning map (that I have in front of me now). has them.

    FYI: Seattle-Anchorage = 2500 miles, 48 hours non-stop driving. Better down in 5-7 days.

    Source(s): Many trips up and down the Alaskan Highway, most recently in June 2008.
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    Seattle, Bellingham, Vancouver, Anchorage. I've driven the Al-Can several times, and those are the only cities worth looking out the window at. The only other "bigish" city is Whitehorse, and it's a terrible place.

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    My pal drove from Seattle to Atlanta some months returned. They mapped out their direction so as to stay with kin alongside the way. they took their candy time and took a pair of week to force it.

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    wow!! just read a map!! Google maps are great!! That's a lot of cities for someone to sit down and write probably! Have fun!

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    Wow...alot... do you mean states/countries? ... ALOT of cities!

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