Can I get strep throat after doing antibiotics a month ago?

My little sister just got diagnosed with strep throat, now i am scared that I have it. I am even more scared because about 21 days ago my throat started hurting, i ignored it and its feverish pains and it seemed to go away. 7 days after that, i woke up with blood on my pillow that seemed to have come from my throat, i thought it was just because of dryness or something. Then I went through another random two day stint where my throat felt heavy again. Now my throat hurts a bit and I am dizzy. I am starting to get scared now because I am aware of the conditions that stem from having strep throat. I am going to go to the doctor ASAP, but as of now I am just curious if I have any immunity to it due to my taking of antibiotics a month and a half ago for a sinus infection.


The reason why I am worried is because I know bad things can happen if you have this infection for too long

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    antibiotics will not give you immunity to strep throat, or anything for that matter, they are just a source for treating bacterial infections. vaccines and immunizations are the only things that will make your body immune to contracting diseases, and there is no current vaccine for strep throat. in fact, the reason for you contracting strep throat (which you most likely have as described by your symptoms) could possibly be due to your previous sinus infection. see your doctor, take your prescribed dosage of antibiotics as scheduled, and drink plently of fluids. for future references, it is better to get medical attention asap, as when you first noticed blood on your pillow. even if you feel it is nothing, it is always better safe, then sorry.

    Source(s): graduate nurse
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