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Why does music suck so bad nowadays????

You look at kitty BS artists like jonas brothers, Miley cyrus, lil wayne and all these people, it's a complete joke. What happened to artists/bands like The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson or even rappers like Eminem. Music is dead.

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    Keep in mind, that not all people think that those artists suck (as much as I'd have to agree with you). Now on to the answer to your question. Record companies are looking for a quick buck nowadays. If an artist doesn't become a hit within their first 2 to 3 labels they are dropped because they are considered a liability to the profits that the label could potentially earn. It's just that companies have found a formula that is not offensive to most people and run with it. Money is radio time and if they can keep you on with non-unique songs they will do it.

    This is all a result of the law passed in congress that allowed radio stations to buy many grass-roots stations. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Source(s): A documentary I watched in English Class about the death of original music.
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    It is called [COMMERCIALIZATION]my friend,This is my opinion and only my opinion,im in no way disrespecting artists today nor will i ever ,but,When music was young and fresh and so much more exciting than it is today the artists poured there heart and soul out without holding back,and it didnt matter what any big shot up in Memphis thought or even what the world thought untill the vocals and the rythym and then picked it up with a little lead riff and then there was MEANING,true heart felt meaning and poetry in ,not only Rock and Roll,but country allso.A song without meaning or feeling is dead and im sorry to say that the world has grown colder and so has the music,dont get me wrong,if you dig for some good music today you will find some of the greatest songs that have ever been written,for example a song with meaning and feeling is Brooks and Dunn,[I Believe] Now that is a work of far as Miley,Lil wayne Ive not listened to enough of them to give an opinion,But in todays music world most of these artist's want fame fortune and MONEY,back in the day they wanted Great songs with meaning and feelings and songs that you could relate to,Bands like Foreighner,Boston,Bad Company,Fleetwood mac,the Beatles,the Eagles,James Taylor,I could go on and on but like a song sang by Tracy Lawrence says The only thing that stays the same is every thing changes,maybey well change back to having those types of songs come along more often,I hope i served ya well,and God Bless.

    Source(s): This is just me,no research no anything other than recognising what you mean.
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    I think you need to discover some new bands or old bands making new music. Also Eminem doesn't compare to The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash or Michael Jackson.

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    this is greater straightforward to love a band it is defunct or ineffective or despite. Their catalog is completed, you recognize what you get. Bands that are nonetheless interior the sport have expenses to pay and mouths to feed. helpful, they're artists, yet they're additionally an company. they have workers, they have a attractiveness, and so on. this is a good number of stress. Do you heavily think of that bands like nickelback could write crappy songs? No, they do no longer. They understand the thank you to play their units, the singer has a sturdy voice...they make music that sells. a number of my prominent bands from 10 years in the past are rubbish to me...yet they're nonetheless around. all the bands that I enjoyed up till the time they retired from music have been compelled out of the corporate by way of fact they might no longer sell archives, sell tickets, and make a income.

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    You have to know where to look. Search "indie music" on google and you should find some bands worth your time. At least, that's what I like. Other than Indie I would agree that modern music is pretty lame.

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    Yes, indeed music is really bad today.

    I'm sick and tired of shakira, britney, juanes, metallica, manson, cyrus, madonna, u2, jonas brothers and all these people.

    I'm tired of reggeaton too, rude lyrics, derogatory words, abuse, etc.

    The problem is youngster are having really bad musical taste.

    They like bad music, and that bad music makes then unintelligent.

    They waste too much time worring about Ipods too.

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    Because too many people buy records based on how the artist looks rather than how they sound.

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    I never bother with any music that won't still be good twenty years from now. It's a narrow fraction to look for, and it's not on the pop charts.

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    Because the demographic for the sucky music sucks.

    Source(s): Tweens and emo kids.
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    I agree and some of them don't even deserved to be called "musicians".

    Bring the REAL music back and take that suckish music and put it in the trash.

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