Holocaust rules.........................?

what were rules in ghettos during wwii that the jews had to follow? becuase im reading a book, and it doesnt explain any of the rules-- just the consequences. if you could help me, that would be great!


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    Man, they barely had any freedom at all, especially in Germany and Poland!

    They were terrible times. You've named the main ones... when Hitler and his Nazi party came into power, they didn't straight away start rounding up Jews and putting them in Concentration Camps. What they did though was terrible...

    For a start (and you have named some of them) Jews were deprived of privileges amongst the community. I suppose you could say that they were 'segregated.' Like you said, Jews were not allowed in many shops, they had to be indoors by around 5-6 PM, and they were not allowed to ride public transport. What I find really quite sickening was how Jewish children were treated. For instance, I read a brief story of this Holocaust survivor, who wrote that she was a Jew who attended a German school. She went on to explain that every lesson, she had to turn her desk around to face the back of the wall, and that she could not contribute in lessons. Jewish men and women were not allowed in markets, or allowed to walk on the pavement and visit their hairdressers. Jews were not allowed to visit the cinema, the park, etc. In fact, people became so suspicious and obsessed with the 'amount' of Jews within Germany that the general public began stopping, searching and inspecting anyone on the streets who didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes (the perfect Aryan description). For instance, the Hitler Youths (Hitler's young soldier's) would demand anyone they suspected of being a Jew to recite the Hail Mary. If the child or adult could not do so, they would be beaten. Horrific....

    Basically, we can say that Jews in the community were TOTALLY shunned upon. It came to a point where even their property was seized by the Nazi's! Many Jewish families came home and found that all there possessions were lying on the pavement, and a German family had settled in to their home. This happened more commonly in houses and not apartments. These poor people were forced to walk the streets with their families, nearly always close to starvation.

    I read a book recently called 'Words to Outlive Us.' It's about stories of the war. I remember one story where a man, his wife and two children was evicted from their apartment because he and his family were Jews. They were wandering the streets for days, until his children died of disease and starvation. I can't remember what happened to him, however his wife became trapped in a Ghetto (a sealed off area of a city where Jews were kept). Oh yeah, I just remembered... Jews also had their citizenship removed if they lived in Germany, and soon Poland when it was taken over by the Nazi's.

    So yeah, it was totally horrible :( Sorry I've sort of given you examples. I would end off with saying that the Jews were totally de-humanized. They were stripped of their rights. It happened even more when they arrived in the concentration camps. By this I mean they were given a number tattooed, and they were addressed by that from there on.

    I hope this helped!

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    Holocaust Rules

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    Rules of the ghetto. Ok. One.) All Jews must wear the yellow star, star of David, to show they're Jewish. Two) They enclosed the people living in the ghettos in barbed wire. 3) Jews were forbidden to own gold, jewelry, or any valuables. Everything had to be handed in to authorities under penalty of death. 4) Jews eventually did not have the right to frequent cafes and restaurants 5)Not allowed to travel by rail 6)not allowed to attend synagogue 7) Had to be off the streets after six o'clock, under penalty of death. The Jews had to basically wait out their time in the ghettos and respect the Nazis until they were sent to concentration, labor and death camps.

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    The Jewish had to wear a yellow star of David to represent they were jewish,they had a curfew,and could not go out after a certain time,they could not own shops,or buy from certain shops or stores,they were not allowed to buy books

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