Did anybody hear about the Walmart Threat?

ok, well people like across the nation heard that 3 women were going to be killed at Walmart. and so everybody went crazy! and started texting each other saying "dont go to walmart!" problem was, that nobody knew WHICH walmart it was. but idk wat happened now. i am pretty sure, nothing bad happened.


no in america

Update 2:

yeha. ITS OK. its a hoax! lol. but who knows. maybe something will happen. but i doubt it. so its all good.

Update 3:

also i live in Kansas. so the threat was pretty much nation wide.

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    Yes, it was a big deal, and the rumor was that it was supposed to be a gang initiation. The gang was going to go into the parking lot and just start shooting.

    Turned out to be just a hoax.

    Source(s): My stepdad is a police chief, so I've heard all about it.
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    I got that text 4 times yesterday and me and my friend were wondering if it was true. The first thing she asked me this morning was if anything happened at walmart. But it's true that it was never specified which walmart, there are walmarts ALL OVER. I'm just glad nothing happened. This chain reminded me of that one I got several weeks ago, it was an amber alert about some young girl who got taken and there was a license plate number in the message for "look out". Any back story on that one?

    edit: I'm in Louisiana

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    It's a hoax. I got that text last night. The way it works is that the text is switched up a little, every time it's sent. My text said..."DO NOT GO TO WALMART TODAY OR TOMORROW. There is supposed to be some kind of gang initiation to kill 3 men and 3 women. Forward to friends." My mom saw it on the news today, and she was mad that I didn't tell her about the text sooner, even though I meant to. & that was before I knew it was a hoax.

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    LOL, I just got back from Wal-Mart, there was no shooting or guns or anything like that...

    The way to tell if threats like this, or 'missing child' bulletins, are hoaxes are the number of details. If the text said "A Wal-Mart in SoCal" or "A Wal-Mart on Long Island" or it had the date of the supposed shootings on it, it might be more believable. Like all these fake Amber alert things on Myspace that go 'She disappeared last Thursday...' if people were really concerned, they'd give the date so people didn't get confused after a week.

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    I live in Virginia... and by Nine O'clock I got the text...

    By six o'clock I have gotten 20 texts saying not to go.



    I feel loved, no one wants me to die.

    On the news for the local news, they said the text was to five different walmarts in paticuler.... on in Virginia, West Vriginia, Tennesse, Kentucky, and Maine.

    So I doin't know... I believe it's a hoax to.

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    yeah i got a bunch of those texts today so i googled it and its just a big hoax but a bunch of wal marts have been shut down and i noticed in passing one today there were quite a few police officers stationed around there. if you google gang initiation wal mart youll get a bunch of news sites that explain its not real but with how many states that text has gone thru and all the people who have received it i wouldnt be surprised if something did happen one of these days.

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    Omg! It happened yesterday in WarnerRobbins, Georgia. Google it. My friend put it on her myspace. The cops have been hanging around all walmarts though. There was many rumors about it.

    xoxo Jeana

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    yea i heard about it and i live in Arkansas.I told my friend was going to walmart and she freaked out. Its just an urban legend though and has been going around since 2005. Though this time it got around faster so everyone freaked out.

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    omg yeah.

    thats crazy i even got a text.

    here it is.

    "Police are asking all women not to go to Walmart tonight, there is a gang initiation and 3 women will be shot, this is not a joke. pass it on."

    i got it yesterday. where do you guys live?

    im in FL.

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    WOAH! I live in North Texas and I got that! Only we knew which Walmart it was supposed to be at.

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