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What is Abec? (Skateboard bearings)?

First of all how do you say it? Do you say abec or do you say A.B.E.C.?

Second what does it mean?

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    want to know the truth?

    I used to own a skateshop and i've skated since 1987.

    ABEC means almost nothing when it comes to bearing speed.

    I've seen slow abec 7's and fast abec 3's.

    A good bearing is a good bearing period. The fact is most pros skate bones swiss and most take the shields off so their sponsors will never know the difference. FACT.

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    What Does ABEC Mean?

    The ABEC scale is a system for rating the manufacturing tolerances of precision bearings. The system was developed by the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee or Council (ABEC) of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA). The American Bearing Manufacturers Association was formerly known as the Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association.

    Bearings rated under the ABEC system are typically called "precision bearings", and they are rated with a number from 1 to 9, with the higher number assigned to bearings manufactured against a higher standard of precision (high number = tighter tolerances = more expensive bearing).

    What Does Tolerance Mean?

    Tolerance is the amount of variation from an absolute exact measurement that is permitted during the manufacturing process.

    Other Bearing Rating Systems

    ABEC is only one system for rating bearing tolerances. The International Standards Organization (ISO) and the German National Standards Organization (DIN) use similar scales to rate the precision of bearings. In the ISO and DIN systems, a smaller number means a tighter tolerance and a larger number means a looser tolerance. This is just the opposite of the ABEC system. See the following table for equivalents.

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    Actually - you would think that it was 'higher the bearing - the better' BUT Not SO! When I went to buy my sons skateboard at Xmas from ROUTE ONE in Cambridge, England - they explained it to me. The higher rating, eg- ABEC 9's, is to do with how they make the bearing. The higher number is how tight they are packed (or something along those lines...). The skaters who worked in RouteOne told me that they all use ABEC 5's. So, if the experts use them.... they must be okay. Bev

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    u say it (a*beck) and its a type of bearings. theirs swiss and abec. they both kind of match each other out but swiss is sometimes better. abec has swiss too tho

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