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this play about Harriet Tubman?

Play of Harriet Tubman

scene1: there is a grandma sitting down knitting on a chair. Then a little boy comes in

Grandma Gina is singing the song called Swing Low

Mark: Grandma, what are you singing?

Gina: Little Marky, come and sit down for a minute and I'll explain to you

Mark: Okay!

Mark is sitting down on the floor right next to Grandma Gina

Gina: now, this is called Swing Low.

Mark: say what?

Gina: Swing Low is one of popular songs that the slaves use to sing while they were

working in the fields

Mark: Oh, did the slaves also dance to the song too?!

Gina: (She laughs) oh, Mark of course not. The slaves have to work really hard. The don't have time to dance around.

Mark: Oh why not? I thought Swing Low is a fun song to dance with?

Gina: Oh Mark, the slaves aren’t really happy being a slave. Because there freedom were taken away that’s why a lot of them would runaway.

Mark: Runaway?! But wouldn’t they get in trouble??!!

Gina: Mark let me show me you something.

Scene2: Grandma went to go get the old scrap book. Then she came back and sat down and starts telling her story....

Gina: Now, Mark I want you to know that this scrap was passed from my Grandma. It was about a woman who helped the slaves cross to freedom. And her name was Harriet Tubman.

Grandma opens the scrap book to the first page.

Mark: She was a woman!! Wow how brave of her!!

Gina: Yes indeed she was brave.... since she was young she was a hard worker. And she was also determined to get her freedom

Grandma flips to the first page of her scrap book.

Gina: Harriet Tubman made a great deal of impact in

American history. She was born in Dorchester county Maryland 1819. In her earlier years as a slave. She always had lived in harsh, injustice condition. And At age twelve her head got a serious injured

to a blow from the head.

Mark: So, has she ever gotten married Grandma?

Gina: yes, at the age of 25. Harriet married a free-African man name

John Tubman. And about 5 years later. She feared that she will be sold so she made her escape in 1849.

Grandma flips to the second page


Harriet: shh....hurry hurry up.......come on we don't want them to hear us!

The Slave: okay (he whispered)

both of them ducked down to hide from the people

Harriet: come one I think they've all gone. Lets go

the slave :( he wines) Harriet.......I don’t' think I could go on any more.

I’m so tired and I haven’t' ate in three days already. Please.....I'd rather

go back. !

Harriet: (steaming) No! Once you've come with me. You are reaching freedom or you’re

never going back!

Harriet takes out the "Gun" and points at the slave

Slave: Harriet, are you trying to kill me? (The slave is truly frightening)

Harriet: you can't go back. You just can’t. Because I know that your owner will try to get

the info out of you. And I know that you will eventually tell them, so u can’t!

The slave: (appalled) okay............I guess if that's how it's going to be then you could shoot

me then. Because I can't go any farther....Harriet, my body is just giving up on me

Harriet: no, I won't let u die. I will get you help; come on

Harriet helps the slave get up. And together they keep on walking


Mark: wow, grandma I never knew Harriet could be so mean!

Gina: oh no child, or else the Underground Railroad won't be a secret

or safe if she didn't do what she did.

Mark: ooOoh

Grandma flips to the third page.

Grandma: Harriet made about 19 trips to the south to help the slaves

escape to freedom. She helped approximately 300 African-American to freedom.

Mark: 300! Wow such a big number. I wonder how she manages that.

Gina: oh Harriet was such an intelligent woman. She would do everything in her possible mind

to convince to keep going. She would be telling them stories. And she would also sing to them

just like the song that I was singing earlier.

Mark: so she has to keep them busy?

Gina: well techiniqely. Harriet is trying to keep the slaves on going

Grandma Flips to the next page.

Mark: ooh, what's that?!

Gina: this is a sign that the post about how they want to captured. Harriet also Know as "Mosses"

Mark: DEAD OR ALIVE!? They wanted to kill her too??

Gina: yes mark, apparently "Mosses" was a threat to them. And a lot of slaves owner

were feared by her. When she went to go help the slaves escape she would sent them a signal to let them hear that she’s here.

Mark: oh does it go like this “Ooh ooh!”

Gina: (laughs) oh I doubt it. But that’s the secrete code that she would use so the slaves would know she’s there.


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    What's the question?

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    There are well qualified black actress that can pull this role off... your obviously a dumb *** to compare Robert Downey Jr. FICTIONAL character to the real Mrs Harriet Tubman... idiot!

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