which professional athletes have used steroids?

for a health project i need to kno alot of professional athletes who have used steroids...any help??

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    i do and yes i was. mine cancer treatment. there are to many to list. there is a new lethal fast acting growth drug out. pure addiction certain premature death. people using it. please include this in your report. steroids are available at every gym in the world. it may be easier to say which athletes have not used roids

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    There is also the legal use of steroids prescribed by a doctor to remove inflamation.

    So probably all have used steroids at some time - but I think you just want those who used them illegally as a means of body building.

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    No it doesn't matter one bit . As long as there is competition there will be someone looking for an edge. These are sports of entertainment , they have no real barring on the world at large . Juice if you want , I like my balls hanging low so i'll only be an average athlete . It(Juice) won't really improve you like so would suggest .

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    Dwain Chambers

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    Which category do you want? Admitted users, accused users deceased users? Thoroughbred horses? Or do you want a breakdown by sport?

    This just in: The Pittsburgh Steelers have had 18 players or former players who have died from the aftereffects of steroids. Google <athlete dead from steroid use>

    I don't think that I have heard any golfers, fly fishermen or table tennis players that used them. Well, maybe that one golfer, [John Daly] but maybe he was just an alcoholic. Oops. Google lists 125,000 hits for golfers on steroids.

    Let's see what the experts have to say. What a surprise! Google only lists 130,000 answers to your question.


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    alot... if you google the mitchell report im sure you could find a ton.

    andy petite

    alex rodriguez

    marion jones

    sammy sosa

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    A. Rod is the only one i know for sure

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    Almost all baseball and football player. Some basketball players.

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    Ar-od is the latest

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