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Does this sound like America today?

"Racial and Religious oppression-Big business for domination-Inflation-These forces must be stopped and driven back while there is yet time."

"...In recent years, our enemies have clearly demonstrated the disaster which follows when freedom of thought is no longer tolerated. Honest minds cannot long be regimented without protest."

"...We have built our Nation not by trying to wipe out differences in religion, or in tradition, or customs among us, not by attempting to conceal our political and economic conflicts, but instead by holding to a belief which rises above all differences and conflicts. That belief is that all men are equal before God. With this belief in our hearts, we can achieve unity without eliminating differences, We can avance the common welfare without harming the dissenting minority. Just as that belief enabled us to build a great Nation, so it can serve as the foundation of world peace."

Does this sound like America, only from a different perspective?


Resource: "The Quotable Harry S. Truman"-T.S. Settel

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  • 1 decade ago
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    To tell you the truth this doesn't sound like America as it SHOULD be, but it darn well sounds like it has become!!! we're in trouble.

    You should check the videos on this page, it explains a lot!

    it's a series on what has happened, and what's happening right now in USA, EUROPE and so on.

    Source(s): Bible prophecy.
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  • 3 years ago

    You forgot to point the stupid inhabitants who eats this crap with a spoon. Kinda like all the posters above me who purchase into all this nationalistic jingoism and then are disenchanted by using fact we dare to talk out against the atrocities being committed by "our government". To all of you who do no longer have faith the 14 factors published above there is this difficulty observed as the internet, it extremely is a place the place you may income understanding. Use it... in case you do no longer think of the u . s . is able to doing those issues then you certainly are an ASSHAT!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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