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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 decade ago

If a politician is "Shocked and Outraged" over the CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED AIG bonuses?

TELL THEM TO PAY BACK THE MONEY THAT AIG DONATED TO THEM!!! This is NOT about's about principle!!! This is all a Red Herring to get you to not notice that AIG sent $20 Billion Dollars of the bailout to OVERSEAS BANKS!!!

Name Total Contributions

Dodd, Chris (D-Conn) $281,038

Bush, George W (R-Texas) $200,560

Schumer, Charles E (D-NY) $111,875

Obama, Barack (D-Ill) $110,332

McCain, John (R-Ariz) $99,249

Baucus, Max (D-Mont) $90,000

Kerry, John (D-Mass) $85,000

Johnson, Nancy L (R-Conn) $75,400

Sununu, John E (R-NH) $69,049

Clinton, Hillary (D-NY) $61,515

Lieberman, Joe (I-Conn) $57,900

Rangel, Charles B (D-NY) $53,582

Giuliani, Rudolph W (R-NY) $50,250

Lazio, Rick A (R-NY) $48,600

Ensign, John (R-Nev) $44,569

Bayh, Evan (D-Ind) $43,700

Larson, John B (D-Conn) $43,000

Biden, Joseph R Jr (D-Del) $41,350

Baker, Richard (R-La) $41,032

Torricelli, Robert G (D-NJ) $39,000

D'Amato, Alfonse M (R-NY) $38,750

Carper, Tom (D-Del) $37,213

Bush, George (R-Texas) $34,000

Roth, William V Jr (R-Del) $33,400

Lowey, Nita M (D-NY) $31,800

Smith, Bob (R-NH) $31,750

Shelby, Richard C (R-Ala) $31,250

Reed, Jack (D-RI) $30,600

Castle, Michael N (R-Del) $29,350

Ackerman, Gary (D-NY) $27,750

Grassley, Chuck (R-Iowa) $27,750

Specter, Arlen (R-Pa) $27,450

Gephardt, Richard A (D-Mo) $27,250

Hagel, Chuck (R-Neb) $27,250

Clinton, Bill (D-Ark) $27,000

Foley, Mark (R-Fla) $26,650

Nadler, Jerrold (D-NY) $26,000

Murkowski, Frank H (R-Alaska) $25,700

Zimmer, Dick (R-NJ) $25,397

Crapo, Mike (R-Idaho) $24,500

Kyl, Jon (R-Ariz) $24,400

Dole, Bob (R-Kan) $24,250

Nelson, Ben (D-Neb) $23,200

Collins, Susan M (R-Maine) $22,542

Molinari, Susan (R-NY) $21,650

Dunn, Jennifer (R-Wash) $21,250

Romney, Mitt (R-Mass) $20,850

Bond, Christopher S 'Kit' (R-Mo) $20,750

Farrell, Diane Goss (D-Conn) $20,550

Zeliff, Bill (R-NH) $20,427

Pomeroy, Earl (D-ND) $20,270

Paxon, Bill (R-NY) $20,150

Reynolds, Tom (R-NY) $19,750

Maloney, Carolyn B (D-NY) $19,200

Kolbe, Jim (R-Ariz) $18,550

Crowley, Joseph (D-NY) $18,500

Chafee, Lincoln D (R-RI) $18,150

Berman, Howard L (D-Calif) $18,000

Bennett, Robert F (R-Utah) $17,700

Bowles, Erskine B (D-NC) $17,600

Frist, Bill (R-Tenn) $17,300

Menendez, Robert (D-NJ) $17,000

Hastert, Dennis (R-Ill) $16,549

Gore, Al (D-Tenn) $15,750

Swett, Dick (D-NH) $15,500

Nelson, Bill (D-Fla) $15,412

Frost, Martin (D-Texas) $15,250

Jeffords, James M (R-Vt) $15,250

Corker, Bob (R-Tenn) $15,150

Davis, Tom (R-Va) $15,000

Chafee, John H (R-RI) $14,757

Perlmutter, Edwin G (D-Colo) $14,650

Gregg, Judd (R-NH) $14,500

Portman, Rob (R-Ohio) $14,300

Durbin, Dick (D-Ill) $14,000

Matsui, Robert T (D-Calif) $14,000

Israel, Steve (D-NY) $13,950

Burton, Dan (R-Ind) $13,650

Coverdell, Paul (R-Ga) $13,600

Abraham, Spencer (R-Mich) $13,500

Kennedy, Edward M (D-Mass) $13,500

Murkowski, Lisa (R-Alaska) $13,500

Andrews, Michael Allen (D-Texas) $13,400

McConnell, Mitch (R-Ky) $13,200

Cornyn, John (R-Texas) $13,000

Moynihan, Daniel Patrick (D-NY) $13,000

Faircloth, Lauch (R-NC) $12,875

Fowler, Wyche Jr (D-Ga) $12,760

Chocola, Chris (R-Ind) $12,500

Houghton, Amo (R-NY) $12,500

Kanjorski, Paul E (D-Pa) $12,500

White, Rick (R-Wash) $12,490

King, Pete (R-NY) $12,343

Feinstein, Dianne (D-Calif) $12,250

Grams, Rod (R-Minn) $12,150

Conrad, Kent (D-ND) $12,000

Frisa, Daniel (R-NY) $11,825

Daschle, Tom (D-SD) $11,700

Rockefeller, Jay (D-WVa) $11,500

Weiner, Anthony D (D-NY) $11,500

METHODOLOGY: The numbers on this page are based on contributions from PACs and individuals giving $200 or more. All donations were made during the A election cycle and were released by the Federal Election Commission. Figures for the current election cycle are based on data released on March 02, 2009.

Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics.


Future Fate: Did you read the list? It INCLUDES DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS!!!! I don't care what Party they are in...if they took money and are now outraged...THEY NEED TO GIVE THE MONEY BACK!!!

Update 2:

Beth: I don't hate AIG...I HATE dishonest politicians!!!

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  • Bill
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer

    The more I think about it, the more I think we really, REALLY need a National Bit*h Slap a Politician Day. A senator or congressperson goes into a restaurant and the waiter puts down his tray and SMACK! He/she complains to the manager, and SMACK! Calls a policeman and SMACK! and then is arrested for disturbing the peace and crimes against American taxpayers.

    If the person in need of bi+ch slapping is Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, or Barry Obama, then kick their bony a$$es hard enough to leave a complete shoe imprint after bi+ch slapping them. I am totally disgusted and fed up with the lot.

    When Vladimir Putin warns the U.S. about the dangers of socialism, we are truly screwed. o_O

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  • Chloe
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    The "bonus" was contractual period. They agreed to pay these employees a "bonus" and apparently included no contingencies in those contracts. Sady, it happens all of the time. The problem goes far deeper but no one in Washington is apparently ready or willing to see it for what it truly is. These companies have not been operating on a worse case scenerio basis. AIG was absolutely convinces by its sheer size alone that it could withstand any negative happenings in the market. They (AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddy Mack) have been making contributions to some of our highest people, Obama, Biden, Clinton and even McCain, have all received money. Is it any wonder then that when McCain and Bush 43 called for congressional oversight that Barney Frank insisted it wasn't needed? I said that it happens all of the time. When (during the Clinton years) we closed a military base, if construction had been contracted (for say -- a new barracks), the construction continued until the job was complete even if the base had already closed. It made no sense. The government was obligated to pay regardless of the closure. That AIG has received more than one "bail out" and none of these lawyers in Congress thought to write a contract and have it signed before they gave them the "loan" is obscene. Should you or I go to a lending institution and ask for a loan, you can rest assured that the lender would insist on knowing where the money was going and would require too that we sign a contract. Congress did none of the above, yet they are lawyers charged with running the business of the country -- and are paid extremely well for doing so. The only thing that makes it worse, is that we keep re-electing them to office. Lastly, the idea of now trying to tax the bonus' being paid with a retro active 98% tax -- with a new tax law that has yet to be written, is a serious abuse of power and will most likely be found unconstitutional. Should it be allowed, what is to then stop them from then writing a retro active tax law to recoupe from us our tax returns because they are not happy with the way we choose to spend it? The morons should have thought about this BEFORE they gave them the money. If they had a brain among them, the best they could hope for is to get AIG for "Misappropriation." I sincerely doubt they are that smart. Of the 11 "employees" who received this latest bonus of over $1 million, as an attempt to keep them on staff, 9 have already moved on to greener pastures. God bless America and capitalism.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The fact is, large companies tend to give out donations to BOTH SIDES!!! So they spread their bets and figure somebody will listen to them no matter who wins.

    That's why it's so easy to make a big list pretending that only one side got donations.

    But the fact is ALL BUSINESS CONTRACTS can be renegotiated any time! They should have said - look, you don't get any federal money unless your guys all agree to no bonuses - sign on the bottom line or your company goes belly up and you all lose your jobs!

    The would have done it in a heartbeat!

    Source(s): But unfortunately Bush and Dodd didn't give us that option.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I know everyone is HATING AIG right now, but it was a great company and MOST of the company is still producing..

    This mess at AIG is from ONE part of the company!

    "A few years ago, AIG got involved in a new aspect of the financial system: It joined in the selling of so-called credit default swaps. A credit default swap, or CDS, is essentially insurance on debt."

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  • Nice list; worth printing out and taking along to the voting booth.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What time does Rush come on? I am actually getting bored with the AIG discussion and ready to move on. Will he want to bash the veterans insurance issue today or will he realize that is already dead and if so, what will his topic be?

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