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How is the United states Army?

I'm thinking about joining and just wondering how people that have been in liked it the good and the bad?

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    i am not in the military, but i can tell you this.

    All the branches are great.

    Army is great. on Y!A, you won;t get what your finding.

    in the Army, there are people who absolutely love it, and then are people hate it because they are just not meant to be in the military.

    the army is great. good benefits like all the branches, a lot of schools, great experience.

    there is nothing wrong with it. when people say they hate the army, its not because the army sucks, its because of the people.

    they join the military thinking its gonna be like video games, and simple, but they end up hating it, because of all these misconceptions .

    so if you think you will enjoy it, go for it.

    if you have some doubt, think long and hard, because if you hate it, your stuck with it for a few years.

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    The Marines are a rapid response tactical drive. They are very well at that. The Army is slightly little bit of the whole lot (and sure the Army has watercraft too, extra then the Navy honestly to right one million reply). The Army has a long run recognition that spans tactical, operational and strategic. For illustration, in World War II, the Marines attacked the island and fought to a unique factor on such a lot islands, then the Army could take over, transparent the island, rebuild the island, then flip the island again over to the federal government of the island. Today so much the identical factor occurs, the Marines reply to a crisis and does crisis alleviation (almost always approximately one million month), then the Army takes over for healing and transition (can take over a 12 months). So its no longer rather who's first-rate, however you would say who's first-rate at specified matters over the opposite.

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    Every day is a holiday and every meal a banquet.

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