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Lorenzo's Oil:what are Lorenzo's first symptoms?

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    IMDb review of film:

    The story begins in July 1983, when 5-year-old Lorenzo Odone and his parents vacation in Africa. Lorenzo made friends with all members of the Comoria tribe. A few months later at home in Washington, D.C., an odd change occurred in Lorenzo's behavior: He began to throw violent fits at school and at home. He also is injured in several accidents. Finally, they took him to a children's hospital, where Dr. Judalon ran tests that concluded that Lorenzo had adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a genetic disease passed on by mother to son. It only affects males and basically destroys the child's brain, impairing body functions. It continues to eat away at the brain and to destroy the myelin, killing the victim within two years. Because ALD was basically a newfound disease and not fully understandyet, there was no known cure. Augusto read up on all the horrifying symptoms: seizures, blindness, deafness, stupor and death. However, several scientists were trying some experimental approaches. One of them, Professor Gus Nikolais, put Lorenzo on a diet that eliminated a certain kind of saturated fats that are harmful in his condition. Some scientists in Boston were trying something called immunosuppression, which involved chemotherapy, so Lorenzo went on that; in a matter of months, his hair had fallen out, and he could barely walk or talk. Pretty soon, his condition got even worse. He became bedridden and couldn't deal with his own saliva, needing a machine to do that.

    The Odones heard from Loretta and Ellard Muscatine, founders of an ALD Foundation and went to a conference, where they met other parents whose sons had ALD. However, it proved a discouraging experience. Augusto did more research in the fields of biochemistry, neurology and other sciences. They tried an experiment with an olive oil that lacks the kind of fats that are harmful, and Lorenzo's blood fat level dropped 15% then 50% and stayed there. Augusto next tried an experiment with rapeseed oil. A doctor in London, Donald Suddaby, got started on it. All the Odones could do was pray.

    September 1986: Dr. Suddaby finished the serum and sent it to the Odones. They administered it to Lorenzo; and, in a few months, his blood sample was declared normal.

    From Wikipedia:

    The clinical presentation is largely dependent on the age of onset of the disease. The classical, severe type is the childhood cerebral form which, as an X-linked disease, affects males. Symptoms normally start between the ages of 4 and 10 and include loss of previously acquired neurologic abilities, seizures, ataxia, Addison's disease, as well as degeneration of visual and auditory function. It has been seen that infants that have been positively diagnosed by the age of 1 year old have usually become very ill by the age of 10 to 12 years of age and die soon after. This severe form of the disease was first described by E. Siemerling and Hans Gerhard Creutzfeldt. A similar form can also occur in adolescents and very rarely in adults. Addison's disease can be an initial symptom of ALD, and many pediatric endocrinologists will measure very long chain free fatty acids in newly diagnosed males with this condition, as a screening test for ALD.

    NOTE: The actual Lorenzo Odone was able to communicate using modified sign language. Augusto Odone went on to receive an honorary medical degree from the University of Stirling. Lorenzo died May 30, 2008, at the age of 30 from aspiration pneumonia, brought about by food becoming stuck in his lungs. Doctors had predicted he would not live past the age of 8. Aspiration pneumonia is a common cause of death in patients with severe neurologic disease. Lorenzo's oil has been evaluated by several researchers, and some have found the oil to have some effect on the progress of the disease; but, the results have been mixed at best and suggest that the oil has a significant effect only before symptoms arise, making it more ideal as a preventative treatment for high-risk individuals.

    I hope this information will help answer some of your questions. It's been too long since I've seen it to reconstruct the appearance of the symptoms. I think the review does a rather good job.

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    Lorenzo Oil Disease

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    Lorenzo Henrie wins by far

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    We did not find any results for 'haw come this illiess had not shown up in the family before lorenza'

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    Hyperactivity in school


    He falls twice

    Hearing loss

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