Bisphenol A (BPA) & sterilising...?

A friend was talking about BPA and how it's best not to pour boiling water into bottles as it increases the release of BPA... I've been pouring boiling water straight into bottles for months as I was completely oblivious. Now I know better! But what about sterilising? Does this have the same effect? (We use a microwave steriliser). Should I buy a set of new, BPA free bottles? Or just quit sterilising? And if we switch to a sippy cup, do they tend to contain BPA too? Any advice appreciated.

PS) Any other dangers out there I might have missed?

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    If the bottles contain BPA then it would be released when sterilizing as well. If your baby is over 4 months, then it is fine to quit sterilizing. Some sippy cups do still contain BPA, just look for ones marked BPA free when you buy them. Most companies are switching to BPA free materials now. If I were you, I would go ahead and switch to BPA free bottles anyway. I would just rather be safe that sorry. If you do buy new ones, still sterilize them the first time even if your baby is over 4 months old. And don't stress over not knowing. There is no way of going back and doing it over and chances are your baby will be completely fine. I'm pretty sure that most bottles contained BPA until the last couple of years or so and no one was as aware of the possible effects.

    Oh and if your baby uses a pacifier it may contain BPA as well. Some teethers have it too. Just watch for BPA free when you buy any from now on.

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    Well, the best way to avoid BPA is to buy all new bottles that are BPA free. Short of that, I don't think steaming is the same as boiling- and don't think the BPA would leach as much. Also, if they are new bottles, chances are the BPA isn't affecting your baby as much. When they get older/scratched, that's when the most damage happens. Then chuck those and buy new ones that don't contain the BPA.

    Also, make sure your pacifiers are BPA free too! I have no idea about sippy cups, but I think the plastic is a different type, so I don't think those contain BPA.

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