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which Israeli party recognize Palestine right to exist?

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    Labor, Kadima, Meretz, Hadash, United Arabs, and Balad support the 2 state solution.

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    All the right wing parties do not recognize Palestine right to exist.

    The next Right wing Israeli government dose not

    recognize Palestine right to exist.

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    I heard the party's at King Abdullah's house. Be there or be square. (Tell them Lupines sent you.)

    "Palestine and Jordan are one..." said King Abdullah in 1948.

    "The truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan," said King Hussein of Jordan, in 1981.

    "Palestine is Jordan and Jordan is Palestine; there is only one land, with one history and one and the same fate," Prince Hassan of the Jordanian National Assembly was quoted as saying on February 2, 1970.

    Accordingly, Abdul Hamid Sharif, Prime Minister of Jordan declared, in 1980, "The Palestinians and Jordanians do not belong to different nationalities. They hold the same Jordanian passports, are Arabs and have the same Jordanian culture."


    Edit: Quite a tangled taqiyya web you've woven there my dear "misinformation Palestinian Minister." Grab some popcorn watch a movie and learn some history. The party that supports/supported the Palestinian "cause" is starring in this movie ----->


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  • wow, i cannot view because i am blocked by some loser.

    but let me tell you that no israeli group supports Palestine

    israel is not a jewish state, it is a ZIONIST state! the jews oppose israel, zionists oppose Palestine

    yet the whole world kicked jews out of their lands and sent them to Palestine, where the jews, excuse me, where the zionists now claim it is their land


    since i was blocked by the asker, i will answer anyways, and i will post my answer here as well:

    ok, let ME recap now.

    first, Hamas is NOT a terrorist organization, you genius. if it was a terrorist organization, they would not be elected into government DEMOCRATICALLY

    second, we do not teach our children that, they learn on their own from what they see happen to their friends, family and land through their own intelligent young eyes

    third, Fatah has a right to do so, because they were elected into government.

    And I also do not support nor recognize their right to exist. what gives them a right to kick us out of our homes and live there? what right?

    israel can have peace talks with themselves, because let me tell you that israel went as far to bombing our graveyards! what did the dead people do to them?! HUH?!

    all of europe, Iran, Afghanistan, pretty much the world, and we have to be the hosts to them! we didnt give up our land, so they come in and take it by force!

    why would we want to come to peace terms with you?

    i for one, want every square inch of my land back

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    "What is "palestine" exactly?" ... I can just imagine the hostility I would get if I said "What is "Israel" exactly?"

    It's just amazing how the misused word "anti-Semite" has got the whole world under Israel's foot...

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    They were all banned from elections.

    So much for "the true democracy in the middle east".

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    All of them if you can see that Jordan is Palestine.

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    all of them as long as you recognize Israel's right to exist

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    1.United Arab List - Ta'al



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