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how can i make some money?

i have a little more than a hundred dollars saved up and i want to use that to make more money. i dont necesarily want to get a job but like maybe sell stuff. any ideas

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    1 decade ago
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    there r some sites on internet which pay you for watching ads for 30 seconds.this type of sites r known as ptc must have a paypal account to be paid.these sites pay to pay can create a paypal accoun in registering if you donot want to give the credit card number leave it blank.paypal is like online bank.thre is another thing called as is also an online bank.they even send cheques to your can register to alertpay at absolutely free.

    now you must have the ptc sites

    now,i'll provide you the best ptc websites

    1.the first site provides you 30-40 ads that means you will be able to earn 30-40 cents per day.the minimum payout is 3$.they pay but alert pay or paypal.

    to sign up go to this link

    2.this has the same feature of 1st site

    to register go to

    3.this site provides only 15 ads per day but more or less similar to the first two to singup go to

    4.this site is similar to the third but the mimum payout is10$ but you can get it if you have referrals to register goto

    and please donot remove my name as referral.i helped you and please please you help me.

    and when you try to register when you type the code if you directly login its ok i mean registration complete or if it says security code error d refreshes again and again just stop loading the page as soon as the code appears then type the code


    believe me everything is safe and free

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    Source(s): Take Surveys Get Money -
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  • 1 decade ago

    Do you have stuff to sell? if not you could take the 100 dollars and make up flyers offering to sell stuff for other people on ebay. You can become a Traders Asssistant for Ebay.

    Project Payday is another good idea that was suggested by another user. I did a review for that site on my blog, you should check out.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    go on ebay and sell stuff , if ur young enough then get lunch money don't use it for lunch keep it , its what i do ,i do it once a week but i could do it more , btw i get £5.00 a go , but you might want to bring something else to eat , i dont but you might want to.. x

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  • 1 decade ago

    do a yard sale or something. or get a job.

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