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Zach asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

What new technologys came out in the 1920s?

How did it make life easier

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    1 decade ago
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    technologically there were no real new technologies in the 20s just developments of ones that had been around - radio, radar, film technology and early television

    here is a list of 1920s inventions

    1920: Saha ionization equation: Meghnad Saha[233]

    1921: Polygraph: John A. Larson

    1922: Radar: Robert Watson-Watt, A. H. Taylor, L. C. Young, Gregory Breit, Merle Antony Tuve

    1922: The absorption refrigerator: Baltzar von Platen

    1923: Sound film: Lee DeForest

    1923: Television Electronic: Philo Farnsworth

    1923: Wind tunnel: Michael Max Munk

    1923: Autogyro: Juan de la Cierva

    1923: Xenon flash lamp: Harold Edgerton

    1925: Ultra-centrifuge: Theodor Svedberg - used to determine molecular weights

    1925: Television Nipkow System: C. Francis Jenkins

    1926: Television Mechanical Scanner: John Logie Baird

    1926: Aerosol spray: Rotheim

    1927: Mechanical cotton picker: John Rust

    1928: Sliced bread: Otto Frederick Rohwedder

    1928: Electric dry shaver: Jacob Schick

    1928: Antibiotics: Alexander Fleming (initial discovery of penicillin)

    1928: Preselector gearbox: Walter Gordon Wilson

    1928: Raman effect: Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman[234]

    1929: Electroencephelograph (EEG): Hans Berger

    1929: Kinescope (CRT):Vladimir Zworykin

    1920s: Band aid: Earle Dickson

    1920s: Man-made Insulin: Paul Langerhans

    1920s: Mechanical potato peeler: Herman Lay

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