was there a japanese holocaust?

i need to no for school so if you could like help me find a website that would be great thanks :)

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    The Nanjing Massacre is known as the forgotten holocaust and very oddly, it truly has been forgotten. In this forgotten holocaust, three hundred thousand people were brutally murdered and 20,000 women were raped in the city of Nanjing, during the years of 1937-1938On December 9, 1937, Chinese troops surrendered in the city of Nanjing, followed by a massive Japanese attack on the city (Yao).

    For the next six weeks, this capital was filled with brutal, unhuman, and terribly violent acts now known as the Nanjing Massacre. The Japanese committed venomous acts against innocent civilians, Chinese soldiers, refugees, and many others. The crimes ranged from mass execution to burning, raping, and looting. On December 13, many of the refugees tried to flee for their lives by crossing the Yangtze River. When they arrived at the river there was no type of transportation for them to cross. The Japanese arrived and when many of them tried to swim the river, the Japanese started to fire at the people in the river and along the banks of the shore. When it was all over, one Japanese solider reported that the river was covered with women, men, and children of all ages, totaling more than 50,000 bodies. Within two days, the streets of Nanjing were called the "streets of blood," as dead human corpses began to cover the streets. Because the streets were piled with dead bodies, the Japanese had people dig huge ditches in the earth and dump hundreds, sometimes even thousands of bodies into these grave pits

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    There was a japanese holocaust. It is not as well known but it did happen. The holocaust is sometimes referred to as Japanese war crimes and the forgoten holocaust.

    Here is a website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_war_crimes

    I wrote a history essay about this in grade 10. You can definitely find a lot more reliable websites and books if you look for them! Wikipedia is a great starting point though

    Hope this helps.

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    no one is sure if there was a holocaust

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