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Is this bathing suit appropriate for a mom?

I bought a swim suit for my son's swim class and I am not comfy in it at all. I am constantly scared that the girls are going to fall out of the top and it gives me no support (which I REALLY need since having a baby). Also you can see the stretch marks on my boobs in it.

Long story short, I don't like it! lol

What do you think of this suit? I want it in the Java Brown color:




The linked suit is the one I want.

The one I currently have is from Target, but I don't care for it at all.

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    HAHA! Your girls were fine. You actually made me sick at how SKINNY you are. You have ABS.

    The bathing suit is cute. Perfect for a mom. I never thought I would have to be in a one piece at 20 years old. Abby is worth it though.

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    honey, if you have the body for it then go for it, but also if you don't feel attractive in something, even a bathing suit at your sons swim class, get something else. You deserve to always feel beautiful no matter what. Go with how you feel. Because no matter how many people tell you you look good in something, if you don't FEEL like you look great then it's not worth it. Even if it is the most expensive article of clothing in the world.

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    the suit looks fine for a mom. but not appropriate if you think the ladies will be bouncing around all over in a childs swim class. if you dont feel comfortable in it then you shouldnt wear it. send it back and buy a different one. you can still wear a two piece just find one that is more suitable for you and has more support

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    I like it, and if you have the body to wear it then go for it! The top looks very supportive. I have to wear a "mom" bathing suit, it's a tankini, and it has a skirt ha ha, but it still looks cute! And yes it looks appropriate

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    I wish I was able to show my I like the suit. It looks supportive up top and not too revealing so I think it's perfect for swim class.

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    I couldn't stand wearing a two piece myself, but that has always been an issue with me. This one you linked does look super supportive, though. Go for it.

  • Its really cute!

    Your lucky you only have stretchies on your girls....I have them all over my tummy from Olivia. No way in hell I'd ever to be able to wear your suit! Go flaunt it Mama Tried!

  • Ugh, well at least you can wear a two

    It's cute and if you feel comfortable with it, get it. If you don't, I wouldn't waste money on something you won't want to wear.

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    I like this suit that you have linked. I am not sure if this is the one that you are saying doesn't give enough support.

    It is appropriate enough, definately. Myself, I personally won't be showing my tummy for a long, long time.

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    Of course it is appropriate! I still wear my bikini from pre-preg....

    That suit looks pretty modest to me.

    Source(s): Just because you are a mom doesn't mean you have to dress differently...
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