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Where to advertise hamsters?

I am pretty sure my hamster got pregnant whilst in the pet shop. She is getting fatter, becoming more and more firm by the day and I think I can feel them and she is more reluctant to be handled.

When the babies are born they will all need homes. No pet shops will take them in so I have had the ideas of telling everyone I know, advertising in newspapers and at the local shops. Apparently it is difficult to find homes for them so I am a bit concerned so any other ideas of how to advertise?

Because they must all be gone by the time they start to fight. I know they must be separated from their mum by just over three weeks and I have two cages; one for boys and one for girls but if I have them past 6-8 weeks I know they will fight so they must be gone by then because I have no money for any moe cages and my mum and dad can't afford to help me out or lend me money so there are no other options!


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    Take a picture of the cute little babies and make a flyer to put up in your local feed store, pet stores or give them away for free infront of your grocery store. You can also advertise on Craigs List (free) and any penny saver is free too. Hamsters don't live long, so I am sure you and find good homes for them.

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    there are lots of web sites on the net you can advertise them on and it suprises me that pet shops wont take them!

    if you got her from a pet shop take her bk and tell them you bought her preg and tell them they hve to take in the babies they shouldnt of sold you a preg hamster

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