Vaginal Delivery or C Section?

I am four months pregnant and people keep asking me if I want a vaginal delivery or a c-section. I cannot handle pain at all, so if I have a vaginal delivery I am definately taking an epidural. For those of you who have had a vaginal or a c-section or both, which one do you recommend and why? Which one is less painful?


I have heard horror stories of contraction pains, and my doctor said that since my uterus is kinda small, a c-sectin might be a possibility later on.

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    obviously a vaginal birth is longer and more painfull BUT the recovery time is nothing like that of a c section. A c section is a major operation and it is something that i feel should not be done by choice. Dont deprive yourself of the feeling of a natural birth. I have had 2 natural births i didnt have epidurals as i dont like needles and i like to go home with my baby asap so the less intervention the better.

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    I had a c-section, and a Vbac, honestly it was not my choice to have a c-section I could not delivery normally so that's why the doctor decided for a csection, I don't really think it's a choice. But if it is for you, I would definatly choose vaginal delivery, the recovery is better and faster than a csection. With a Csection you do not feel anything you just hear and see, and I remember after the c section I didn't even enjoy my baby until later on that night, it hurts to hold the baby because of the cut, and it hurts to move certain ways. When I had the Vbac the baby was out in 15 minutes, and I got to hold my baby and breastfeed right away.

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    I gave birth vaginally. Although I have never had a C-Section, I wouldn't choose to have one either. With a vaginal birth you can be up on your feet and out of hospital within 24 hours, you can immediately care for your baby with no assistance and the recovery time is a lot faster.

    C-sections have an average recovery time of 6 weeks, they are potentially more dangerous than a vaginal birth, you may have to have a longer hospital stay and you will most likely need assistance for the first 1-2 months of your babys life.

    Vaginal birth can seem scary, especially for a first time mum, but epidurals can be extremely effective and with less than 5% of women having complications after an epidural you can rest assured that all will go smoothly. Vaginal births also make future birthing experiences easier.

    Whatvere your choice I wish you the best of luck!

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    I don't know of any Dr's that would let you choose a C section for no reason. That is major surgery. Plus I wouldn't want one anyway. Sure you are numb when they cut into your stomach, But the pain of the recovery would be a lot worse after a C section. Recovery would be much longer. Plus you will have scarring. Not to mention all the risks that come with any major surgery. Unless there are complcations you will deliver vaginally. I have given bith 3 times without an epidural or pain meds and I am a big whiner when it comes to pain. The pain of child birth is different for some reason. Women go 9 months watching everything they do. They don't even like to take a Tylenol unless they have to, but will be injected with a cocktail of pain meds to ease the pain of child birth. Epidurals come with risks and I know that natural is 100% safe for me and my baby. But of course that is a personal choice that everyone has to make. You have to do what makes you comfortable.

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    I had vaginal Delivery, and i did get in epidural. I recommend getting an epidural as soon as you can. I think you should go with vaginal delivery first so you can experience the vaginal delivery. Where i live if your first was a c-section you 2nd and 3rd you get my point will be c-sections. You cannot have a vaginal delivery once you've had c-section, and it depends of your doctors too, if he thinks your at risk having the baby vaginally he will perform a c-section. Good luck

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    You WILL have a vaginal delivery, unless there are clear medical reasons to have a c-section. It isn't something you usually get to choose.

    And, if you do get to choose -- I would take a vaginal delivery. Vaginal delivery hurts -- but you have many options for pain relief if you need them. And, once baby has arrived, the pain is over. C-section doesn't hurt during the operation (you get, basically the same pain relief you'd get for a medicated vaginal delivery), but then you have several weeks/months of post-op pain. And, not only are you in pain, but you are caring for a newborn, establishing breastfeeding, entertaining company, doing the usual housework, etc.

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    Um, sorry to burst your bubble, but POP.

    You can't just decide you want a c-section. If there is no medical reason for you to have one, you're going to have a vaginal delivery. It's not that bad, I promise. It's all worth it once you meet your beautiful baby.

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    LOL, u don't volunteer for a c-section...who would get major surgery "just because"? If it's not medically necessary I wouldn't consider it as an option.

    The recovery after a c section is pretty painful. I had to have one.

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    A cesarean is major surgery with a long recovery period, and the potential for serious complications. Why put yourself through that if you don't have to?

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    go vaginal i had both and i still choose vaginal, its alot easier to recover from and the epidural does make it painless.

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