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Rate and tell me what you think of these names please!?




















D'Andre (DAY-awn-dray)



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    Ella - yes 9/10

    Hailey - yes 10/10

    Callie - yes 10/10-

    Harlow - nope 5/10

    Willow - yes 7/10

    Ryla - nope 5/10

    Emily - ok - 6/10

    Reilly - yes 9/10

    Anabel - yes 8/10


    Lucien - yes 8/10

    Luke - ok 7/10

    Luca - yes 8/10

    Holden - nope - 5/10 is a brand of car

    Tyler - yes 9/10

    Ryan - ok 8/10

    Connor - yes 9/10

    Riley - yes 9/10

    D'Andre (DAY-awn-dray) - nope - 6/10

    Colton - nope 6/10

    Colby - ok 7/10

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    On the scales obviously 1 will be the best and the last number will be the worst.

    Girls: Scale 1-9

    Ella - 1 - I love this name! So cute!

    Hailey - 3 - Everyone seems to have this name but it's still catchy.

    Callie - 2 - It's a pretty good name - reminds me of California.

    Harlow - 6 - I never heard of that as a name before.

    Willow - 9 - Reminds me too much of a tree.

    Ryla - 4 - I'm not sure how you would pronounce that name but it's different.

    Emily - 5 - Sounds okay I guess - it is simple.

    Reilly - 7 - Sounds more like a dog's name or a guy's name.

    Anabel - 8 - Sounds too old-fashion.

    Boys: Scale 1-11

    Lucien - 1 - Sounds sophistocated and "new", I like it.

    Luke - 6 - Reminds me of a dog's name - you don't really hear that name often though.

    Luca - 3 - Interesting but sounds really cool.

    Holden - 7 - Ummm, when I hear the name Holden I vision bad-druggie guys.

    Tyler - 4 - It is average - nothing new but okay I guess.

    Ryan - 5 - Also average but it is better than Tyler.

    Connor - 8 - Boring.

    Riley - 2 - Much better suited for a boys' name.

    D'Andre - 11 - NO WAY!

    Colton - 9 - Once again - boring.

    Colby - 10 - That can be a girl's name too.

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  • Ella- 7





    Ryla-6 this would be a good middle name

    Emily-9 personally i have always liked this name

    Reilly-6 I don't like the spelling of this name

    Anabel-8 This is a pretty name

    Boys:out of 10 with 10 being the best









    D'Andre (DAY-awn-dray)-5



    Source(s): i have always liked the name Bryce for a boy name... I also like Lynn for a middle name of a girls name
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  • Girls:

    Ella- 6/10

    Hailey- 8/10

    Callie- 5/10

    Harlow- 6/10

    Willow- 1/10

    Ryla- 0/10

    Emily- 5/10

    Reilly- 6/10 I like the spelling Riley or Rylie. Reilly looks more like a last name.

    Anabel- 6/10 It reminds me of a cow.


    Lucien- 0/10!!

    Luke- 3/10

    Luca- 1/10

    Holden- 9/10 This is so cute!

    Tyler- 3/10 it's boring.

    Ryan- 1/10 boring!

    Connor- 9/10 One of my favs.

    Riley- 9/10 Love it!

    D'Andre (DAY-awn-dray) 0/10 Horrible!!!!

    Colton- 8/10 very cute!

    Colby- 6/10

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Ella 4

    Hailey 10

    Callie 9

    Harlow 2

    Willow 2

    Ryla 1

    Emily 1... much too common

    Reilly 8

    Anabel 2


    Lucien 1

    Luke 3

    Luca 1... seems more feminine than musculine

    Holden 3

    Tyler 2.... just because it reminds me of a harrasing exboyfriend

    Ryan 7

    Connor 9

    Riley 8

    D'Andre (DAY-awn-dray) 2

    Colton 3

    Colby 1........ reminds me of the female singer Colbie Caillat

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  • 1 decade ago


    Ella - Ugly, too much like Salmonella

    Hailey - Hideous

    Callie - A dogs name

    Harlow - Awful

    Willow - Reminds me of the film

    Ryla - Probably my favourite

    Emily - BORING

    Reilly - Council estate

    Anabel - not too bad but she would just get called Anna


    Lucien - Too much like the devil

    Luke - Common

    Luca - I like

    Holden - Not bad

    Tyler - AWFUL! way too chavvy

    Ryan - Chav trying to seem not like a chav

    Connor - Too Irish

    Riley - Pikey

    D'Andre (DAY-awn-dray) - Would annoy the kid to hell, and people would think it was a surname, and it would like ridiclious with a British surname

    Colton - Council estate

    Colby - Trailer trash, like Shelby for a girl

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  • 1 decade ago


    Ella- beautiful

    Hailey- i've always liked this name

    Callie- cute

    Harlow- one of my favorites!

    Willow- like Harlow it's a favorite!

    Ryla- never heard it before. Really unique

    Emily- cute

    Reilly- like the spelling

    Anabel- graceful


    Lucien- sorry it's not my fave

    Luke- cool

    Luca- too girly for a guy in my opinion

    Holden- sounds like holding to me. no

    Tyler- strong and sporty

    Ryan- cute

    Connor- cute

    Riley- not for a guy

    D'Andre (DAY-awn-dray)- nope

    Colton- cool

    Colby- nice

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ella -- I like it

    Hailey - overused

    Callie - cutesy, but I can't imagine a 50 year old Callie

    Harlow - No

    Willow - No

    Ryla - sounds like a made up name

    Emily - way to common

    Reilly - kinda masculine

    Anabel - i like it


    Lucien - sounds evil (Lucifer comes to mind)

    Luke - i like it

    Luca - My name is Luca, I live on the 2nd floor.... No.

    Holden - all his life "whatcha holden', Holden???" kids are mean

    Tyler - i like it

    Ryan - common, but a good name

    Connor - i like

    Riley - boys name, girls name, either way, nope

    D'Andre (DAY-awn-dray) - say what? too weird

    Colton - only if you life where there are wild horses

    Colby - that's cheese, not a son

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Ella- Its ok, very popular now though

    Hailey- Its my sisters name (Hayley) like it.

    Callie- yes I like it

    Harlow- No sorry

    Willow- no sorry

    Ryla- no sorry

    Emily- yes its nice, best one from the list.

    Reilly- no sorry

    Anabel- no sorry


    Lucien- no sorry

    Luke- its ok

    Luca- no sorry

    Holden- no sorry

    Tyler- no sorry

    Ryan- best one out of the list

    Connor- yes i like it

    Riley- no sorry

    D'Andre (DAY-awn-dray)

    Colton- awful

    Colby- know a little boy called this, I'm not keen

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Ella.. my favorite.. #1 on my own name list

    Hailey.. love it

    Callie.. like it

    Harlow.. not a fan

    Willow.. not a fan

    Ryla.. it's ok

    Emily.. overused for me.. better as a middle name

    Reilly.. love it.. not really fond of this spelling

    Anabel.. like it


    Lucien.. like it

    Luke.. over used

    Luca.. don't really like it for a boy

    Holden.. i love it

    Tyler.. good.. but overused

    Ryan.. overused

    Connor.. like it

    Riley.. love it

    D'Andre (DAY-awn-dray).. different & i like it

    Colton.. love it.. my favorite boys name on your list

    Colby.. cute

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