Who does the pope think he is kidding with his "help the poor" in Africa stance?

The catholic stance on birth control continues to keep poor people poor, and the report as follows:

Benedict said that while the Catholic church in Africa is the fastest growing in the world, it faces competition from increasingly popular evangelical movements and "the growing influence of superstitious forms of religion."

The German-born pope also said that the exuberant local African rites should not "obstruct" the liturgy of the Mass.

And he spoke of the needs of the poor.

is a joke. The superstitions promoted by Christianity are scarier than any AFRICAN religion! At least they don't threaten with eternal damnation those who fail to believe.

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    This old guy who calls himself the Pope, who is a white supremacist and retired Nazi soldier and, conveniently, is now the "religious" and POLITICAL leader of the richest sovereign COUNTRY in the whole world [the Vatican] is not fooling ME; that's for sure.

    The Devil Wears Prada, episode 2. LOL, egyphile !

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    I am sorry I do not know Richard Dawkins. It is unfortunate that he called the Pope "stupid" because that does not help him make his point. Politeness brings us far, and the opposite is as true. I do not feel that Pope John Paul II had a brain or a heart. Here, where I live, I saw two convents of nuns dismantled and the nuns thrown on the streets while he was a Pope. For me this is cruel, cold, heartless, and indignant. However, I must admit that I am not in the confidence of what is going on in the politics of Vatican City: not brilliant, I am sure. Not radiating love, compassion, nor the Spirit of Jesus-Christ, that is for sure. This is my opinion. I do not want to hurt anyone. I hope everyone understands that as a Catholic I felt betrayed.

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    Condoms alone will not prevent the spread of aids, in the same way that their widespread use has not been able to prevent unplanned pregnancy. They are not perfect, and in hot, humid climates such as Africa they have a limited shelf life, making them more unreliable than in countries such as the USA. It is BEHAVIOUR that effects the spread of AIDs and also unplanned pregnancies. Where people practice monogomy, AIDs is less likely to be passed on through sexual contact.

    And yes, he spoke of the needs of the poor. You tell me just how many non-Christian groups there are out there providing money, education and medicine to people in the third world compared to non-Christian ones. Every Catholic in every pew in every mass supports the poor both in their own countries and overseas. Catholic charities have the least numbers of paid workers as many of the workers are volunteers, Priests, brothers or Nuns who live humble lives serving others. Until you get out there and do the same, I shouldn't criticise the Pope.

    I realise it is hard to comprehend the anti-birth control stance, but it really has to do with promoting relationships between husband and wife, not making things harder. There is actually a very effective method of planning your family called the Billings Method that looks at a woman's natural fertility patterns and relies on good communication between partners. People that use this method correctly report a 98% success rate, which is actually as high or higher than other methods of contraception. There is always a chance of pregnancy, but you accept that and welcome any life. With contraception, there is no back up plan when it fails and that so the pregnancy is usually greeted with fear and disappointment instead of joy. To really understand the Catholic stance on birth control, you need to read Pope John Paul II's "Theology of the Body." You can look it up in wikipedia if you just want an overview.

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    I'm saying this with all respect to believers... I think that no matter what religion you believe, there are probably going to be some things about it that you don't agree with. There's nothing wrong with that... it shows that you're thinking for yourself and questioning with the energy of your mind. That's what we were made to do.

    I mean to offense to Catholics or other Christians but there are some things that I don't agree with... for example, I think that priests should be allowed to marry. Many people, even Roman Catholics, don't agree with the official stance on birth control. Our vice president is Roman Catholic and pro-choice, for example. Many denominations don't believe in homosexuality. People have a right to their beliefs, but I would never condemn anyone for being gay. I really don't think it's wrong, or bad... but we all have a right to our opinions.

    I became a Christian and I've thought about becoming a Catholic (YES, Catholics are Christians), but I've realized that there's no faith I'm going to agree with 100%. I think that the Catholic church is inherently good thing, but we are all going to have our opinions because we're all individuals.

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    This has nothing about people of Africa being Poor.It hasdue to the corruption of their goverment and officals bring money to themslves to enjoy with their own family while providing no infastructure to the town and cities, Healthcareand edcucation. Year in Year in its is the Missionaries who do the job teaching Even Lenardo di Caprio is one such noble person

    So as a Roman Catholic.dont blame Hos Holiness Pope Benedict XVI fot everything. He is a Man of God and the true God that came forth Jesus Christ he gives advice on moral matters But since it is so hard for you just like Our Almighty God Jesus Christ then why hed his advice or maybe you should follow Desmons Tutu the selfproclaimed Anglican Archbishop. He can tell you that by using condoms you are not intefering Between God and man at contrception. Why weakness./If you do intercourse be prepared for the challenging times ahead and if it is God's wo;; accept tha baby of not do not ahve intercourse. is that clear to you or do you feel weakness of the Flesh

    Secondy on your stament Pope Benedict XVI say that the rictualistic culture should not be part of the Holy Mass buit certain parts like dancing during the enterance and the closing hymn of the Mass may be accepted . The Great Pope John Paul II has clarified that in fact Africa has something to offer the world in terms of the morality and way of life

    Pax Bonum

    Source(s): Roman Catholic.Pray the Rosary
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    At least someone is speaking out on behalf on the poor, especially those in Africa. Angelina and the Pope shouldn't be the only public figures to frequent the continent and volunteer their time. I donate much to SaveDarfur, and would give almost anything to actually go there and volunteer, but my children and farm literally keep me from doing it.

    How are you going to help?

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    No. the Pope is very serious.

    Christians define superstition as

    "You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me" (Exodus 20:3)

    The first commandment forbids honoring gods other than the one Lord who has revealed himself to his people. Superstition is prohibited by this commandment.

    There are four types of superstition:

    + Improper worship of the true God

    + Idolatry

    + Divination

    + Vain observances (includes magic and occult arts)

    For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, section 2110-2111:

    http://www.nccbuscc.org/catechism/text/pt3sect2chp... and http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/14339a.htm

    With love in Christ.

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    I would expect nothing less than the Pope taking the right moral stand on these issues no matter how unpopular. It is immorality that causes the spread of AIDS and not the lack of use of condoms which just encourage immorality. What they need is a moral example which is what the Pope is giving to them. God bless!

    In Christ

    Fr. Joseph

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    1 decade ago

    Poor Benedicta suffers from an incurable disease..."foot-in-mouthitis". Never has a modern Pope made more gaffs than this Prada clad joker. To claim that 'condoms' contribute to the AIDS problem in Africa is not simply stupid but criminal. It seems the Catholic Church, in the person of Benedicta XVI would rather see women in Africa turning out AIDS infected babies, rather than see them, SENSIBLY, using condoms.

    The 'needs of the poor' have NEVER been the concern of the Organized church. The poor and superstitious and gullible are merely a 'pool' for more 'souls'....and if they have to live out their lives in poverty...so be it...they will receive their 'reward' in heaven, while the Popes continue to dress in gold vestments and Prada booties.

    The fact that certain special 'Catholics' have devoted themselves to the poor, is more from 'biblical' teaching, than church teaching.

    Source(s): Chamberlain: "The Bad Popes" Ellerbe: "The Dark Side of Christian History"
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    Denying African women birth control, which results in starving children............doesn't sound very pro life to me.

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    The Pope is not kidding anyone. He meant what he said.

    If you do not like what he said, then tough luck for you. Just move on with your life, especially if you're not Catholic.

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