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Dems say Red states get lots of Fed money. Should Obama end welfare in New Orleans, Birmingham, Montgomery,?

... Jackson, MS, etc?



So blacks in New Orleans should expect Obama and Pelosi to end their welfare checks?

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    "Bobby" is already working on it in Lousiana.

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    Those red states, recieve more Federal Dollars

    Because thats where the minorties live.

    Red States average a minority population around 30%

    Blue states average a minority population of just 10%

    Basicly, the more white a state is, the more likely it is to be a liberal state.

    Just look at Mass, Conn, Rhode Island, NY, NJ

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    Democrats do no longer mean that without postpone, yet sure, it quite is an invisible actuality that lies under their conclusions. --Rob USMC To the poster under me: So it quite is type of like how green Palin grow to be as governor by using fact Alaska has much less inhabitants than Deleware? those analogy's are retarded. the two are of diverse tiers and have no longer something touching directly to eachother. while, 9 million libs in a huge city out of 12 million citizens can unquestionably deliver a state into the blue even nevertheless the final public of the state itself outdoors the city is republican, yet much less populated. i be attentive to this could nicely be a concepts wrapping assertion, yet you could no longer deny this.

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    Its true. And by the way, a lot of federal money flows to rural areas of these states. Don't kid yourself. There is a LOT of poverty in rural areas in this country. I don't think the GOP would be too popular if they proposed this harebrained scheme...

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    1 decade ago

    haha i would love it if he did.

    Maybe he would end welfare in Atlanta too, im getting sick of the suburbs being overrun with innercity welfare thugs. It would be great to have all the welfare folks move back up north.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    to angela the clown

    whens the last time you been to detroit

    it looks worse than any other city in the country

    and your answer is to ship people to ohio

    ha ha hha ha hhahahahah

    glad your not a politician

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    Yes, those of us in the Donor states would like our tax money to come back to us.

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    I'm in Detroit, and I'd be fine with turning down all federal funds.

    That move would send all the freeloaders south to Ohio, so we workers can fix what ails us.

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    the chocolet cities.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    LOL. That won't happen

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