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What is the penalty for drug paraphenellia in a drug free zone in texas?

My son got cought at school with a pipe. It was his cousins. But the cousin is already on probation for drugs and will not admit it is his. also my son got cought with some bottle rockets in his trunk. Those are his. The cops were called and the cop said he had to write up a report. then issue a warrent. they will call when the warrent is issued so he can turn himself in. He is 17. Will be 18 in april.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Unfortunately, a 17-year old in Texas is an adult in the criminal justice system.

    It is always someone else's property when kids get caught, isn't it? That argument is irrelevant.

    Since this is your son's first offense, he will probabably just get probation with "deferred adjucation";

    that means that his record will be sealed if he completes his probation successfully.

    Make sure his attorney asks for deferred adjucation.

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  • Ben
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    1 decade ago

    In Texas, the max fine for a Class C misdemeanor is $ 500. The fact he was in a school zone gives a judge leeway to up the punishment. IMO, as a first offense, he will probably receive a small fine and deferred adjudication if requested. That is at the total discretion of the judge.

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