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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesTheater & Acting · 1 decade ago

GOOD/BAD acting????1!!!?

what is determined by good and bad acting like the movie diary of the dead i liked it but i keep hearing it had bad acting how would you determine this

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    The difference between good and bad acting is whether or not the actor or actress can make you believe that they are experiencing the given scene in real life. Selling dialogue as having come from their own mind and being the voicing of their own thoughts and emotions is also tantamount. However, many films which are labeled as featuring "poor acting" are actually victims of poor writing. If the writers can't accurately produce pertinent and believable dialogue for the actors to deliver, it is not the actors' fault. The best actors are able to work with poor dialogue and pass it off. They are also able to make you like them in one role, and dislike them in another - this is because they are able to achieve the daunting task of making you forget that they are a famous actor that you already have an opinion of in real life. You see them during the film as the character they are portraying. A prime example of a good actor who has gotten a bad rap is John C. McGinley. Another fine actor who is often overlooked is Philip Seymour Hoffman. Watch his performance in 'Magnolia' to be truly stunned. As for sheer tear-jerking ability, actors Will Smith and Denzel Washington are extremely well-equipped to make audiences' eyes water. The films 'The Pursuit Of Happyness' and 'Seven Pounds' are among Smith's finest, although honorable mention must be made of the scene where he is forced to put down his only companion, the german shepard Sam(antha), in the film 'I Am Legend'. As for Denzel Washington, his performance in 'John Q' is sure to make a believer out of you. You will start to see the difference soon enough in real, quality acting, and poorly-crafted attempts at acting.

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    Usually by the way they react to something unrealisticly, like screaming their head off on scripts will just be like 'ahh' as in I just had a lemonande. Good example would be Midnight meat train, just before the blonde girl enters through the train door and see's the floating bodies she enters looking barely scared or upset and without moving her lips she does a very hoarse 'noo' but it sounds more like grinding two stones together.

    Source(s): Watching lots of rubbish films
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    home schooling- In Between (only because it may be good for some- it wasn't for me) the weather where you're at now- Bad (stormy) your knowledge of cars- Bad your ability to handle your booze- I have never tried it. your internet service- In Between

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