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How Much Do Dental Assistants Earn Per Hour?

Dear friends,How Much Do Dental Assistants Earn Per Hour?Thank you.

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    A DAs salary depends on :

    1. Of course, experience.

    2. What type of certification you have.

    Your pay will be higher if you are an EFDA

    3. Your experience

    4. DAs at Ortho practices make more money.

    First of all, the practice itself has higher budget to pay its employees.

    Secondly, you see mostly kids for the cleaning with fluoride treatment.

    As a result, you can work on many patients, within shorter period of time, increasing your production.

    The following article might be helpful:

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    Experienced Dental Assistants, maybe 55k-75k a year depending on location. soooo $30 - $41 /HR.

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    It varies a lot. It depends on who you work for and where you work and how much experience you have

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