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U haul trailer question?

I am moving. I have a full size mattress and box spring, a couch, an oversized chair, coffee table, and two lamp tables. Will all this fit in a uhaul trailer?

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    Yes, that should fit into one of the smaller trailers (5' x 8'), which you should be able to pull with most cars.

    Make sure that when you go to U-Haul to pick the trailer up, that when it is hooked onto your car's trailer hitch that the floor of the trailer is slightly (2 to 4 inches) uphill from the back to the front. That way when you put the weight in it, it will be almost level. Have the U-Haul people adjust your trailer hitch height if necessary. (Or if possible - some aren't.)

    I hope you get a U-Haul guy who knows what he's doing.

    I've seen some that think they do, but they don't.

    Have you pulled a trailer before?

    Be aware that it takes a lot longer to stop with a loaded trailer because of the added weight, so take it easy until you get used to it.

    And turning takes more clearance to the curb (or other vehicles) also.

    Backing a trailer is also quite a bit different - but you will find out about that if you don't already know.

    Good Luck


  • TomCom
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    U-haul has several sizes of trailers, both open and enclosed. Depending on how well you pack one, balancing the load, it's possible. But, your vehicle has to be able to handle the load. I don't believe U-haul is legally allowed to rent a trailer that exceeds the rated towing capacity of the pulling vehicle. You might be better off renting a box truck and a car dolly. In fact, they might decide that is your only option.

    Good Luck!

  • Anonymous
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    It will in a 6' x 12' Cargo Trailer...

  • Pete T
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    Should fit in a 5ft by 8 footer easily.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, they have different size trailers.

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