Glossy Magazines 即係咩

Glossy Magazines 即係咩

八卦雜誌係咪gossip magazines

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    你或者曾聽過甚麼是glossy paper,即光面紙;那些用光面紙印刷,內容有很多彩圖,廣告,名人,時裝,靚人的雜誌,就叫gloss magazine

    a magazine printed on shiny high-quality paper which contains a lot of colour photographs and advertisements, usually about famous people, fashion and beauty

    八卦雜誌,是叫gossip magazine


  • 1 decade ago

    Glossy Magazines : 虛有其表,浮誇,虛假的雜誌(內容)

    八卦雜誌係gossip magazines

    Source(s): dictionary+own knowledge
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