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    The automobile has revolutionized the way billions of people around the world travel. 汽車創新了人們遍及全世界旅遊的方式

    But more than simply giving us a new mode of transportation, the automobile has truly transformed our society, our culture, and, in all, our way of life.


    With the ubiquity of the automobile in our modern, fast-paced lifestyles, it’s easy to forget the fact that the automobile has not always been a part of our lives.


    In eighteen ninety-six, Ford completed his first experimental automobile, the Quadricycle, with a maximum speed of twenty miles per hour.


    In nineteen oh three, Ford Motor Company was founded, but it wasn’t until nineteen oh nine that the company would begin to mass produce vehicles.


    In its first year of production, eighteen thousand Model T’s were built.

    在生產的第一年,一萬八千部Model T的車。

    By nineteen twenty, six years after Ford implemented the assembly line into his Highland Park, Michigan factory, production had surpassed one million.


    Prior to the mass production of the automobile, cars were built individually, and as a result they were very expensive.


    Ford’s innovation of the assembly line allowed for the speedy production of cars. This development allowed for one car to be built every ten seconds.

    Ford 的創新生產線加速了車子的產量。這種發展使他可以每10秒中產出一輛車。

    The mass production of cars led to a massive price drop.


    In nineteen eleven, the average price for a car was about twelve hundred dollars, at a time when the average yearly income was one thousand dollars, and the price for a new home was twenty-six hundred dollars.


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    These prices may sound very low today, but consider that the price of a new car was approximately half the price of a new home. Today, at an average price of five hundred thousand dollars for a home, that would mean the average car would cost a quarter million dollars.

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    …rambled all day, ‘till almost night. They smashed up fences and telegragh poles…


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    By nineteen fifteen, just, one year after Ford began using the assembly line method, the cost for one of his cars halved to just six hundred dollars.

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    Soon the price would go to just hundred and sixty-five dollars. Taking this figure into consideration,

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    it’s no wonder why Ford’s innovation truly transformed the nineteen twenties’ society, and every society beyond, into a car culture.

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    Henry Ford’s commitment to building affordable cars improved more than automobile production. Ford doubled his workers’ pay to five dollars a day,

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    in hopes of his employees having enough money to purchase the automobiles they produced. Ford also hoped this would discourage them from joining a union.

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    In nineteen fourteen, an assembly line worker could buy a Model T car with four months’pay.

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    By the age of fifty-eight, Henry Ford had become the second-wealthiest person in history,

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    having earned a total of a hundred and seventy nine point three billion dollars, second only to oil giant John D. Rockefeller.

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    And as we continue living our modern lives, we shall always remember the contributions of Henry Ford.

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