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(((不要直接用軟體番的))) 可以口語化一點沒關係!

為什麼不相信我 為什麼要懷疑我

一個不小心眼神的交錯 被當作亂放電的誘惑

我雙魚 為什麼天蠍要恨我

難道都是我的錯 我該生氣還難過

一杯被當做證據的紅酒 換來的咒罵(耳語)喋喋不休

你罵的 還不夠嗎

我要飛走 我要自由 我要用最溫柔的復仇

讓你一無所有 讓你在說我的時候 很有理 卻會心痛

我要飛走 我要自由 我要用最溫柔的刑求

讓你一無所有 讓你在說謊的時候 想到我 會很心痛

我已經不會難過 沒有什麼好難過

就當我的愛掉進了黑洞 做過的夢是一陣漩渦 沒了你才有出口

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Why not trust me Why do I have to suspect that

    A carefully staggered eyes as indiscriminate discharge temptation

    Why Scorpio Pisces want me hate me

    Is all my fault I was also sad angry

    A glass of red wine were used as evidence in return for swearing (whisper) chatter

    Scolded you enough

    I want to fly away I want the freedom to use my most gentle revenge

    So you have nothing so you say that I am at a very reasonable when it will make their heart ache

    I want to fly away I want the freedom to use my most gentle torture

    So you have nothing to allow you to lie at the time thought I would be very distressing

    I have not Nothing good sad sad

    On When my love into the black hole has a whirlpool of dreams are not your only export

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