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    The W-CDMA of the 3 Gs initial resolution is what

    Location:The cellular phone king acts office to write:The Ao room kind spring photographs:The Ao room kind spring

    Like Japanese NTT DoCoMo, the third generation mobile communication system adopted by Vodafone, is an IMT-2000 approves of standard of a, with CDMA( Code Division Multiple Access;Divide into yard to much weigh to connect to take) much more wireless work technique and FDD(Frequency Division Duplex; Double while dividing into work) is a foundation.This system is together developed by Ericsson and NOKIA etc. of Japanese NTT DoCoMo, Europe, the European version proposal is called UMTS, Japan is W-CDMA, and define from the part of wireless network with as for go to the specification of cell phone etc. from the base station.

    The W-CDMA is an one of the 3 G standards for approving, its standard following row what time is a standard:

    ★The world surfs:A cellular phone can walk in the world.

    ★High quality:Approach a fixed network to converse Gao Yin Zhi2 of quality is converse.

    ★The operation is in bringing the 2 GHzs(2000 MHzs) Pin.

    ★Reach to a 144 Kbpses towards getting to the Internet in response to the high speed, high speed moving canning, walk or low speed move can reach to a 384 kbpses, indoor or static can reach the download speed with 2 Mbpses, is suitable for multimedia to deliver.

    The W-CDMA specification used by Japan and Europe can't is also completely compatible currently and only have part common.Therefore Japan sells of surf appropriation machine can take Europe and Asia to carry on surfing, is like NTT the series of DoCoMo FOMA only N900 iGs can use abroad, the even if general FOMA cellular phone is a W-CDMA system, but cause because of the system difference's etc.'s factor can't use in the overseas.

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