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內容大約是到飯店吃飯,食物不新鮮向飯店請求賠償 ,感謝感謝

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    customer: May I talk with manager or someone responsible in the restaurant?

    waiter: Sure. May I ask what is it for?

    customer: I would like to complain about the stale food I had here.


    manager: Hello sir, I feel very sorry about your situation. May you tell me what happen?

    customer: Yes. I had dinner in your restaurant 2 days ago, and the beef is not very fresh. I vomit and had diarrhea after I went back home.

    manger: Oh, that must be panic. Did you see doctor?

    customer: Yes. Doctor tested the food and told me that my food poison is caused by the beef. Here is my doctor's report.

    manager: I see. I apologize for what happened on you, and we will compensate for the inconvenience. I will have you fill out a customer compliant form, and we will deliver our compensatory damage soon.

    customer: How would you compensate?

    manager: We will pay your bill and provide NT$10,000 compensation to you.

    customer: OK. I will leave my back account number.

    manager: Sorry for the inconvenience again.

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