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Many people called Henry

Are there many people called Henry? that you know..

and I know that many people called David..really..


to be honest, I can't change my name which in Chinese is 亨利, but British

people think not so many people named Henry

Update 2:

I have got 3 teachers called David in one programme but different lesson, oh yes fantastic

Update 3:

oh really, the most boring name is John...funny

hey Marcus , you are from England? I bet..

Update 4:

Yes me as well, haven't met any called Henry

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    haven't met anyone named Henrry so far.

    Why? does it bother you?

    I got a teacher and a couple of classmates named David as well.

    I think it's ok to have a common name. My name is Marcus, and one of my classmate back in tafe had the same name. "Hey, Marcus. No, that Marcus, not you, mate." funny

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    Originallyfrom Taiwan, as you may have noticed...this is Taiwan yahoo...most of people who shows up here would be taiwanese.

    But I currently study in Australia, some local love to call you mate here. Like "what's up, mate." And I always murured in mind "I'm not you mate".

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    Henry is a pretty good name. British prince also named Henry. Just being accepted with it. Dollis

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    Upstair is right, I have heard "David" much more often then "Henry". and, As far as the "Henry"s I ever know, they are all very nice boys or guys, very gentle. Besides, to has a most popular name like "David" or "Henry", is much better than "John", the number 1 "most boring male name" by survey. (No affense, really)

    Source(s): US 20 yrs
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    Well, actually Henry is alright, not as many people called Henry as David. I like Henry this name, are you thinking of changing the name?

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    To add some more info for your reference, it's true that lots of men and boys named David. The name came from Hebrew, and its meaning is the one that you loved.

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