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歐亨利 a retrieved reformation中譯

有沒有歐亨利這篇文章a retrieved reformation的中譯呢??





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    Jimmy Valentine was let out of prison after ten months, sentenced four years for safe-cracking, but men with as many friends as Jimmy Valentine usually didn't stay for their whole rest. Going to a room, he packs up his tools and leaves. In the following weeks, a few cash robberies were committed, and the detective who landed Valentine in jail in the first place, Ben Price, is called to work on the case.

    Jimmy Valentine shows up sometime later in Elmore, Arkansas, and meets and falls in love with Annabel Adams, the town banker's daughter. Stricken by love, he becomes Ralph D. Spencer and starts a shoe business. At the end of the year, he had risen socially and business-wise, and had become engaged to Annabel. Two weeks before the wedding, he wrote a letter to a friend, telling the friend to pick up the safe-cracker's tools Valentine wouldn't need anymore.

    Ben Price showed up the Monday after the letter is sent and waited outside a bank while Jimmy and Annabel's family were inside. Carrying the tool-case, Jimmy watched as Annabel's father showed them the bank's new safe. Annabel's nieces were fascinated by the door, and as they were playing, one shut the other inside the door and locked the door, without any combination set. As everyone panicked, Jimmy (persuaded by Annabel to do something) used the case of tools to open the door- also revealing what and who he had been. Ben Price, who had watched it all, pretended to not recognize Jimmy as he tried to turn himself in.

    Source(s): wikipedia
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