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Fox News attacked other media for not covering good news about Iraq. Why don't they report good economic news?

Dow up, new home construction up, banks turning profits, and Fox news chooses to keep running negative stories? Why are they trying to demoralize America?

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  • Johhny
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    Because there is no good economic news! People are still losing their homes and jobs. people who have lost their homes are living in "tent cities", not unlike the old "shanty towns" of 1930's Depression. The Government has been wildly spending out tax money on this idiotic stimulus and earmark bill for the bankers and, even given almost 65 billion of it to Britain, France and Germany and not the American people... If there is any so called "good" news coming out of the so called media (CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS & MSNBC included) is all two faced lies that continue to support the Obama propaganda machine of lies and deceit... FOX News at least has the balls to tell the truth... If you choose not to believe it, then you can go right on having your head stuck in the sand... I do not watch the news often, I get my info off of various news sites on the internet, and on occasion from FOX... At least I research any info I get off of FOX and it is all based on fact, not propaganda hype from the other so called media who have had way to much Obama kool aid...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Good news on the economy? Wait until the Dow falls tomorrow, or the day after, its too unstable right now to be sitting there saying oh wow look the dows up. Fox news is a conservative channel, and we have a liberal president, so a lot of the things they say are going to be negative. Banks turning profits? Last time i checked they were still in debt, the thing called the bail out.... If you are more of a liberal, i would watch MSNBC or ABC news.

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  • Sarah
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    1 decade ago

    Good question!! They repeatedly talked about no one else having any good news on Iraq....but there IS good news on the economy...and I haven't seen much reporting on it at all.

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