Underage Sex Laws in DC?

In Washington, DC, is it illegal for two minors, one year apart from each other to have sex? If they were, say, 13 and 14? Or 14 and 15?


please cite your sources.

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    The age of consent in DC is 16, but a close in age exception makes it legal for people under 16 to have sex with anyone within 4 years of their own age.


    Source(s): Here is a link to the actual text of the law itself.... http://www.moraloutrage.net/staticpages/index.php?...
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    No, it's not. The law varies by state but it is usually something like it is illegal for someone to have sex with someone under the age of eighteen who is three or more years younger than them. It is generally not illegal for two minors, close in age, to have sex with each other . Therefore, there is nothing to enforce. The only exception to this is if the two people involved are very young, like eleven or twelve. Then they would usually be given counseling, rather than arrested. On a side note, someone else mentioned something about sodomy laws. While there are some states that still have sodomy laws (and similar laws outlawing oral sex, even between a male and a female) on the books, very few states do anymore. In those few states that have those laws, they are rarely enforced because sodomy is no longer consider the major cultural violation it was when those laws were created.

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    I thought 18yrs old was the law everywhere, maybe you might want to rethink about this. What happens if a pregnancy comes up? Do you want to be responsible for a child at your age?Condoms don't always work, and what would your mom and dad say, do you even know what you doing. Watch the "MAURY" show, that should give you a good perspective on what can happen if you decide to have sex with a minor. We have to many teenage single mom's out there already. Please hold off until your really ready.

    Source(s): Maury show.
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    It is hard to Police - kids do it all the time. As long as they are of a similar age, then it isn't paedophilia, just "fooling around". I started when I was about twelve and my GF thirteen.

    To anyone who objects, point out that Juliet (in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet) was only thirteen. That is supposedly the world's greatest love story.

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  • Don't know, but do not commit adultery, it will haunt you for the rest of your life and the life here after.

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    its illegal to have sex under age of 18. that goes to everyone and everywhere in us.

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    i hope not that would be horrible.

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